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Stand-up comedians Annamalai Lakshmanan and Praveen Kumar

16th Anniversary Special: Will the real comedians please stand up?

Stand-up comedians in Chennai, who are popularising Tamil or Tanglish comedy, tell us what contributes to make for a good laugh riot

Published on 3rd November 2023
Punit Pania's standup comedy, Guilty Bystander, is set to debut in Hyderabad, showcasing his unique blend of English and political engagement, aiming to provide laughs from truths

Punit Pania: The voice of parody

Punit Pania’s comedy show, Guilty Bystander offers something that feels both uplifting and raw

Published on 27th October 2023
Ravi Gupta, a Gurgaon-based stand-up comedian, delivers relatable and humorous Hindi-language comedy on stage. His unique one-liners, blending desi tadka and dialect

Standup comedian Ravi Gupta’s ‘Kal Ki Chinta Nahi Karta’ is about taking a chill pill

Ravi Gupta is here to make you laugh with his distinct humour, which will leave you in splits

Published on 29th September 2023
Devesh Dixit

We catch up with standup comedian Devesh Dixit, who tells us why comedy matters 

With his show, Gem of a Person just around the corner, Devesh Dixit opens up about his childhood and lots more...

Published on 23rd June 2023
 Ashwin Srinivas

Standup comedian Ashwin Srinivas is set to comment on social media, living with roommates, and eccentric cities

Ashwin lets us in on the role comedy had in his life before he started pursuing it actively

Published on 16th June 2023
Nesan David

Chennai’s youngest standup comedian Nesan David’s ‘Bad Decisions’ is all about dating and breakups

This is going to be Nesan’s last show of Bad Decisions in Chennai, before he moves on to his next set

Published on 4th August 2023
Stand-up comedians Praveen Kumar, Karthik Kumar, Manoj Prabhakar, Syama Harini

What does a joke mean to the men & women striving to make people laugh?

Ahead of International Joke Day, we get in touch with four stand-up comedians from the city to get some serious answers

Published on 30th June 2023
Chockalingam in action

Stand-up comic Chocku speaks about his latest show, crossing 30 & going on a family tour to Las Vegas

The 32-year-old from Madurai also reveals his short-term plans with Indulge during the interaction

Published on 23rd June 2023
Elena Gabrielle

Jest for launghs

Australia-born Berlin-based comedian Elena Gabrielle speaks about standup going global, having musical elements in her act and her familiarity with Indian comedians.

Published on 10th June 2023
Shankar Chugani

Theatre taught me discipline and how to be in the moment: Standup comedian Shankar Chugani 

 The comedian completes a decade in his profession

Published on 2nd June 2023
Ravi Gupta

Enjoy a comic evening with Ravi Gupta at Eddy's Kitchen

This standup comic is known for his observational based desi humour.

Published on 14th April 2023
Things to do in Chennai

Northeast India's culinary food fest at ITC Grand Chola, movie releases and more: Take a look at what's going on in Chennai this weekend

From weekly movie releases to fashion pop-ups, here is a list of all that's happening over the upcoming week in Chennai

Published on 2nd February 2023

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