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Chilli peppers (Photo: Wikipedia)

More chillies? Think twice! Spicy diets linked to dementia, memory loss: Study

Think twice before adding that extra kick of chilli sauce or chopped jalapeño to your meal as researchers have found that a spicy diet could be linked to dementia.

Published on 23rd July 2019
Terry Jones (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)

'Renaissance comedian', Monty Python star Terry Jones loses battle with dementia at 77

Terry Jones, a founding member of the anarchic Monty Python troupe who was hailed by a colleague as “the complete Renaissance comedian," has died after a battle with dementia.

Published on 22nd January 2020
Geno Silva (Pic: Internet/Archives)

Actor Geno Silva, best known for role in Scarface, dies of dementia at age 72

Actor Geno Silva, best known for his role in the 1983 crime drama Scarface, has died. He was 72.

Published on 18th May 2020
Here's all you need to know about the elite sleeper’s club. Representational image only

Did you know that 'elite sleepers' can function on just six/less than six hours of sleep?

Elite sleepers might be better protected against neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, according to researchers at the University of California-San Francisco

Published on 24th April 2022
Different types of diets_Representational image

Here some diets that go beyond weight loss and focus on building sustainable habits, mindfulness

Besides reducing the chance of dementia, one can expect an improvement in concentration with the MIND diet

Published on 15th May 2022
Image used for representational purpose only. ( Photo | T P Sooraj)

What are the benefits of drinking tea?

Tea can help prevent cancer, dementia, and heart disease, among others

Published on 29th May 2022
Over a four-decade career, Bruce's movies have earned more than USD 5 billion on the box office

Hollywood actor Bruce Willis suffering from frontotemporal dementia; condition worsens

Bruces’s family released a statement regarding the actor’s condition on Thursday

Published on 17th February 2023

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