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Yogam's Shikha Tiwari shares why a basic fitness regime is important

A fitness enthusiast herself, Shikha sheds light on Yogam’s participation in the competition and why basic fitness is wealth for all of us.

Published on 27th January 2023

World Dance Day: Sway your way to fitness at this dance camp in Hyderabad

Workshops, panel discussions and more at Camp ceLIBERATE volume 2.

Published on 24th April 2019
Women'S Day Tips

Women's Day special: Five healthy ingredients to help channel your inner boss lady

As women grow in their roles daily and challenge the barriers, it is of utmost importance that they keep their health on track and adapt to a healthier and fitter lifestyle

Published on 6th March 2021

Winner of Mr World body building contest, Karan Kapoor, talks about his fitness journey and what keeps him motivated

'Fitness is not a forced idea, and it will only help you live a healthy life by lowering your risk of illness,' says the winner

Published on 11th May 2022
Cult.fit gym in Chennai

What to expect at the new Cult.fit gym in Chennai

With seven fitness programmes ranging from yoga to boxing, you can choose a different way to sweat every day of the week 

Published on 23rd May 2019
Hrithik Roshan - Pic credit:  Nagaraj Gadekal
dopamine fast_Representational image

What is a ‘dopamine fast’, the latest wellness trend all about?

Dopamine fast, the hottest new wellness trend, involves staying away from all stimulations, including social media, shopping, gaming and indulgent foods, for a decided period

Published on 5th June 2022
Fitness in the time of coronavirus (Photo: IANS)

What Indians searched for most during the pandemic: Immunity, fitness, financial investments and more

Staying at home led also to a spike in the demand for hyperlocal delivery services

Published on 19th July 2021
drugs_Express Illustration

What happens when one seeks solace in sobriety?

This series offers the transformative journeys of people who have had to live through/with a health crisis

Published on 10th March 2022
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What are the physical benefits of standing?

Name of study: Association between standing and insulin sensitivity By who and where: University of Finland, Turku Pet Centre,  and UKK Institute, Finland

Published on 17th October 2021
The Portl smart mirror

What are the features of Portl, the smart fitness mirror that trains, assesses and has a slew of customisable settings?

Now you will be able to ask your (smart) mirror, who’s the fittest of them all? And this smart mirror, aka Portl, promises not to lie

Published on 5th December 2021
Image used for representational purpose only. ( Photo | T P Sooraj)

What are the benefits of drinking tea?

Tea can help prevent cancer, dementia, and heart disease, among others

Published on 29th May 2022
Image used for representational purposes only (Photo | Pexels)

Wend your way, one step at a time: Here's how we can maximise walk routines

Maximise your walk routine to put the spring in your step

Published on 19th June 2022

Wellness special: Ace table tennis player Jeet Chandra shares his fitness story with us

Ace table tennis player Jeet Chandra, who features among the World Top 10 paddlers, shares his fitness story with us

Published on 4th June 2021

Wellness festival Fit Bengaluru kicks off on July 13

The two-day event will cover kickboxing, aqua aerobics, zumba, yoga and more

Published on 11th July 2019

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