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Bengaluru IISc Nokia Centre

Bengaluru's IISc gets Nokia Centre of Excellence for Networked Robotics, a laboratory for 5G research

This lab will be used for research on socially relevant use cases based on 5G and emerging technologies

Published on 4th August 2020
At Maker village in Kerala's Integrated Startup Complex, Technology Innovation Zone (Photo: IANS)

This Kochi company has robots to spray hand sanitiser, distribute face masks for employees

At Maker village here in Kerala, there are two robots who dispense sanitisers by spraying it on employees' hands and even distribute masks to those who need them.

Published on 18th March 2020
Spody by Invento Robotics

Bengaluru’s Invento Robotics hopes to revolutionalise retail with its nifty Spody robots

The robotics revolution is no longer restricted to our big screens. 

Published on 21st January 2020
Robert Downey Jr

Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr announces Footprint Coalition to clean up Earth using robotics and technology

The Footprint Coalition, as the group is called, is scheduled to officially launch by April of 2020.

Published on 5th June 2019

Summer class on robotics

IPSC Automation Centre presents a summer class on robotics

Published on 16th May 2019

Robotics summer camp

Published on 4th April 2019

Lema Labs hosts robotic bootcamp in Coimbatore

An intensive 40-hour crash course on robotics and embedded systems where students will be guided in making 10 robots.

Published on 30th November 2018

Irobochakra hosts robotics summer workshop

Published on 31st May 2018

The mechanical man- Coimbatore-based robotics engineer talks about robotics in India

From flying in the air with jet packs to humanoids helping at schools, robotics has come of age in our country according to Vijay Shah


Published on 9th June 2017

Robotics workshop at Irobochakra

Published on 2nd June 2017

Robotics workshop by Thick India

Published on 5th May 2017

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