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Purnima Ghosh performs on stage

Celebrated dancer Purnima Ghosh shares her fitness secrets at 80

At 80, the world still revolves around dancing, be it on stage or at home, and teaching her students at Surangama, Kolkata. Ahead of her performance at Kalyani Book Fair, we had a quick chat with her.

Published on 26th November 2022

Ace swimmer Rehan Poncha shares with us tips and tricks from his fitness regime

The six time national champion shares with us his usual fitness regime

Published on 25th November 2022
Alia Bhatt speaks about body positivity

Dear young women, Alia Bhatt has some advice to help you overcome your 'obsession with body and weight'

In a recent interview, Alia Bhatt opened up about body issues in the era of Instagram and how young women should focus on being healthy internally. 

Published on 23rd November 2022
Gadget review for the week: Reach T-400 Treadmill

Gadget reviews of the week: CCA Lyra in-ear monitor and Reach T-400 treadmill

This week, our columnist has reviewed the IEM (In-ear monitor), Lyra from CCA, and the T-400 treadmill from Reach

Published on 20th November 2022
Karan Wahi

Actor Karan Wahi on his wholesome approach to fitness, wellness and making ‘me time’ a priority

We catch up with the hunky actor to talk all things fitness — physical and mental

Published on 11th November 2022
Fight Camp is an interactive workout with premium equipment

Gadgets of the week: Fight Camp's interactive workout and the Carol exercise bike will make your fitness routine easier

Here is our compilation of the latest gadgets that are all the rage at the moment

Published on 4th November 2022
Shruti Haasan

Here’s all you need to know about Shruti Haasan’s body care and fitness regimens

The multi-lingual starlet guides us through her body care secrets

Published on 3rd November 2022
Anushka Sharma shares a healthy, post-lunch snack option

Actress Anushka Sharma shows what healthy snacking looks like and you must take notes

Drop the binge-eating post lunch and make yourself a protein-rich snack like Anushka Sharma

Published on 3rd November 2022

Take fitness lessons from Mandira Bedi and style your clothes from years ago to perfection now

Much like Mandira Bedi, with a little discipline, you can also get in-shape and rock your clothes from a decade ago

Published on 3rd November 2022
You can lessen your likelihood of getting sick by making these changes

Here are five lifestyle changes you can make to keep sickness at bay

Although changing your everyday routine can be difficult for you, the benefits cannot be ignored

Published on 24th October 2022
iOS 16.1 introduces Fitness+ support without an Apple Watch

iOS 16.1 introduces Fitness+ support without an Apple Watch

With iOS 16.1, Fitness+ will be fully integrated with the Fitness application

Published on 23rd October 2022

iPhone users to get Apple's Fitness+ starting this month

Fitness+ users with an Apple Watch can continue to take their motivation to the next level with personalised real-time metrics that display on iOS devices

Published on 22nd October 2022
Must-have gym equipments

Five must-have equipment for home workouts to improve your fitness journey

Here are a few items to consider buying before starting your weight loss or weight gain journey

Published on 19th October 2022
Most beginners struggle to maintain their stillness during meditation

Here are some simple tips for beginners to follow while meditating 

A few of the many benefits of this age-old practice include greater inner strength and the ability to maintain emotional stability, among others 

Published on 19th October 2022

Priyanka Chopra takes us through her haircare routine, fitness choices and upcoming projects

On the sidelines of her hair care label Anomaly's India launch, Priyanka also shares with us her other upcoming plans 

Published on 14th October 2022

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