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Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or a novice explorer, these innovative portals and apps will simplify your itinerary-building process
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For representational purposes

Are you tired of spending hours researching and planning your trips? Imagine having an intelligent assistant that generates personalised itineraries, recommends top attractions and provides expert travel suggestions—all at the touch of a button.


The portal provides a template for creating multi-city trips, including day-by-day trip descriptions, photos of locations, activities and an embedded map. Enter your destination and start and end dates, and your trip style—relaxing, romantic, historic, outdoorsy or adventurous. In a few seconds, Roamr will generate a schedule with a short brief of each day’s activities, accompanied by a map that updates to show the locations as you scroll through the itinerary. You can also view Google photos of each point of interest and access weather forecast and currency conversion information.


It is a mobile app that generates comprehensive itineraries for popular cities. You just have to provide the name of the place and the number of days you plan to spend there. You can also specify your free time on each day, travel companions (solo, couple, family or friends), and interests such as history, nature, shopping, sports, entertainment, food, art and culture. Additionally, you can select your budget as economy, normal or luxury. The app generates a day-by-day programme plotted on a map, displaying all the locations you may want to visit. Each includes additional details like average visit duration, estimated travel time and available transport modes. You can also share the plan with friends or export it to Google Maps. The limitation of this app is that it can’t build an itinerary for a multi-city trip or suggest offbeat places.


The website specialises in helping users plan custom road trips to major countries in the world. Powered by its own AI engine called Ingeenee, Curiosio leverages data from various crowdsourced resources like Wikipedia, DBpedia, Wikivoyage, Wikidata, OSMNames and OpenStreetMap to create schedules tailored to user preferences. One can refine their journey by setting parameters such as starting and finishing points, round trip or one-way, preferred dates, number of travellers, type of vehicle, budget, and whether they want to explore popular or lesser-known places. Based on these inputs, the site generates multiple plans and routes, which includes a map, a day-by-day breakdown of destinations and activities, and clickable points of interest. Users can also share the itinerary with co-travellers, print it, or export it to Google Maps for navigation.

Roam Around 

The website uses ChatGPT to help you plan your trip. Simply feed in your destination and the number of days you have. Based on this, Roam Around will generate the itinerary in a simple format. While it lacks advanced features for refining or filtering results on the basis of budget, number of days, etc., 
it serves as a useful starting point.

Vacay Chatbo

The website offers curated options for experiences based on destinations and price ranges. The chatbot generates custom trip ideas, offers recommendations for hotels, restaurants and attractions, while also offering pre-set guides and prompt examples for ChatGPT to help customise your queries.

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