The Ola Electric scooter has features like Ola Moods that allow you to change the sound of the vehicle, and high-speed connectivity!

Ola has finally launched their first electric two-wheeler, namely the S1, and it’s quite the offering!
Ola's new electric scooter, Ola S1
Ola's new electric scooter, Ola S1

Ola Electric has taken the covers off their first e-scooter and with this, they kick off their innings as an EV player in the market. Ola has already set up the world’s largest two-wheeler factory and is set on delivering a world class product and an amazing EV experience to their customers.

As for the product, the S1 boasts of a rather stylish design that is futuristic and follows a minimalistic approach. No doubt, it looks like it is straight out of a sci-fi flick, and it is available in 10 stunning colours that really bring out the fine attention to detail that it carries.

The Ola S1 comes with a hyperdrive motor that has been designed in-house and has a 181 km range on a single charge. It can go from 0-40km/h in just three seconds and hit a top speed of 115 kmph. The 8.5kW motor is the most powerful electric motor on a two-wheeler currently in the industry and it has been tweaked for unparalleled performance. The 3.97kWh battery pack is coupled with Ola’s proprietary battery management system to get the best out of it, both in terms of range and performance.

Designed and engineered by Ola, the smart vehicle control unit comes with an Octa-core processor, 3 GB of RAM and high-speed connectivity through 4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

You also get a multi-microphone array and AI speech recognition algorithm that works with the advanced HMI unit. The scooter also boasts of a 7-inch touch screen display. With Ola Moods, you can toggle between multiple settings that change the look and feel of the display as well as how the scooter sounds!

Ola S1 starts at INR 99,999 not including state govt. incentives, registration and insurance.

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