Emami Art, Kolkata presents Black White and More, an online exhibition of sketches, etchings and more by Indian master artists

Emami Art, Kolkata is encouraging its patrons to stay positive through this challenging time of a national lockdown. 
Landscape II by Jogen Chowdhury
Landscape II by Jogen Chowdhury

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” – Helen Keller.

Emami Art, Kolkata is encouraging its patrons to stay positive through this challenging time of a national lockdown. 

"Being confined to the four walls of your house for days on end is not easy, but our minds are free and our imaginations have no limit," says Richa Agarwal, CEO, Emami Art, in a press release about a new exhibition.

"We at Emami Art want to spread positivity and happiness as we believe that optimism is the only way to overcome these difficult times. Beyond the black and white that we are seeing now we believe and hope that there is more," says Richa Agarwal.

Black White and More is a selective online exhibition by Emami Art showcasing some of the finest monochromatic artworks of Jogen Chowdhury, Rabin Mondal, SG Vasudev, Dashrath Patel, Bose Krishnamachari and Manu Parekh. 

"In these artworks, you will see what happens when these great artists put away their colourful palettes and instead focus only on shades of black, white and some more, the result is more liberating than it sounds. You can perceive details you didn’t notice before – textures, and new meanings," she adds.

The show goes online on the Emami Art website starting April 20.

<em>Crying by Jogen Chowdhury</em>
Crying by Jogen Chowdhury

Renowned for successfully merging traditional imagery in modern paintings, Jogen Chowdhury is a leading artist of the current times.  His work constructs volume by modulating light and shade and uses cross-hatching to develop an illusion of middle tonalities.

<em>Untitled by Rabin Mondal</em>
Untitled by Rabin Mondal

Rabin Mondal was an Indian artist who was a founding member of the Calcutta Painters. His works exploit the grotesque to express inner turmoil and human struggles, stylistically his work has been predominantly expressionist.

<em>He by SG Vasudev</em>
He by SG Vasudev

SG Vasudev is an acclaimed painter who received recognition very early in life. He has worked across different mediums, including drawing, painting, relief and tapestry.

<em>Untitled by Dashrath Patel</em>
Untitled by Dashrath Patel

One of India's first multi-media artists, Dashrat Patel is accomplished in fields such as photography, painting, installation art, pottery and industrial design. He brought a characteristic playfulness to his handiwork, creating both artworks and functional designs that are said to be pioneering innovations.

<em>Untitled by Bose Krishnamachari</em>
Untitled by Bose Krishnamachari

Bose Krishnamachari is ranked among the top 100 influential people in the art world and he is also the director of the Kochi Muziris Biennale. His artistic and curatorial practice includes drawing, painting, sculpture, design, installation and architecture.

<em>Untitled by Manu Parekh</em>
Untitled by Manu Parekh

Manu Parekh an Indian painter, is known for his several paintings on the city of Varanasi. Vivid colours and prominent lines are an integral part of Parekh’s work and each exudes the energy that he attempts to capture. Parekh admits to being very strongly influenced by his surroundings.

The online exhibition Black White and More will be hosted on the Emami website starting April 20.

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