How to doodle away the lockdown blues, by artist Arzan Khambatta 

This Indulge Time Pass session had the viewers hooked to the simple art of doodling.

author_img Sharmista Ghosal Published :  22nd April 2020 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  22nd April 2020 12:00 AM
Doodle by Arzan Khambatta

Doodle by Arzan Khambatta

Do you love doodling? Did you know doodling is meditative and increases your concentration? And, take this, doodling doesn't require you to be methodical - you can start from any point on a page and doodle effortlessly. 

All this and more were taught at a short and crisp half-an-hour session by celebrated sculptor and artist Arzan Khambatta at Indulge Time Pass session today evening. This Mumbai-based globally acclaimed sculptor, who also happens to be an architect, painstakingly taught all those who virtually attended the session how to begin doodling. 


Artist Arzan Khambatta


Moderated by journalist Kaveree Bamzai, this engrossing session had the viewers hooked with the artist doodling amazing abstract and geometric patterns out of lines and curves through the open and ink method. 

"Arzan teaches us the value of using our hands and tapping into your creativity. At a time of frugal living, it reminds us to go back to the basics," says Bamzai.


Doodle art by Arzan Khambatta


"I loved it and it was very creative, My two daughters and I attended the session and the takeaway is that my daughter is now hooked to doodling and I plan to enrol for Arzan's sessions," says Mahima Poddar, who attended this Indulge Time Pass session from Chennai.

"It was very interesting and my children attended it too. At this point in time, everyone has so much time, so doodling is surely a positive way to pass that time and all you need is just a paper and a pen and imagination. I will be definitely doodling," Deepa Nayar, who attended the session from Kolkata. 

"In a few minutes, I knew exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of the evening - doodling! It's fun, exciting and so addictive. Thank you Arzan, for making it seem like child’s play," says foodpreneur Pooja Baid from Kolkata.


Doodle art by Arzan Khambatta


The takeaway from the session? "Please forget whatever you learnt from this session and start on a clean slate. Just start doodling and you will discover unexplored artistic opportunities on the way." That's what Arzan had to say at the end of this breathtaking session.

If you missed out on this interesting session you can catch up the same at our website The artist also virtually conducts classes through his social media handles and you can get in touch with him at