Marzia Ali’s art sessions can help you learn the basics of resin pour art techniques

That apart there are sessions on how you can conduct a workshop.

Hyderabad-based Marzia Ali is conducting several virtual workshops. The first and the most unique one is all about how to conduct workshops. It is ideal for those who want to share their knowledge and art experience through a workshop. It comprises elements like confidence-boosting,  organising, developing methods and much more.  Those interested in conducting art workshops or any other workshops like writing, poetry, crafting etc. It is a three-hour workshop with registration starting at ₹999/- and it is conducted weekly and you can get in touch with her via Instagram for details. Also if you are curious about resin pour art, and want to master the art she conducts single day workshops for that. In this workshop, you will learn how to work with the epoxy resin, mixing colours, right pigments to use, different surfaces, techniques for applying, creating designs and much more. The classes are mostly live on Zoom and if you and your friends are a group of five or more, she can conduct classes on request as well.

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