Joel D'Souza has the gift of the gab

This stand-up artiste is ready to be silly, pessimistic, serious all at the same time, just to make you laugh
Joel D’Souza
Joel D’Souza

Imagine receiving gifts that do not pleasantly surprise you! We have all been there, haven’t we? What makes it even trickier is the dilemma over how to react when you are given something that you don’t like. Taking cues from such instances in his personal life, stand-up artiste Joel D’Souza is bringing his show Gift for the Chennai audience. “I titled it Gift because the theme of the show is based around me receiving gifts, and my reaction to it, and my approach to life with things that I've received from certain people in my life. Well, mostly bad! Also, there is really no reason for the poster to be designed like Parle G. I once put that up on my Insta story just as a fun poster that I made because I was bored. To my surprise, people really liked it. So, I just started using it. That’s about it,” Joel shares.

Explaining his genre of comedy, Joel believes his stand-up “kinda oscillates between being silly, being pessimistic, being unnecessary, and at times being serious.” He admits he “likes the audience being confused by it”. “Sometimes my jokes are too stupid, at times serious, but I want the audience to think what is happening at all times, because that's what I'm thinking all the time!” he says.

Joel D’Souza
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Joel was all of 18 when he started doing stand-up. “I saw one comedian do it horribly. And just like any 18-year-old who thinks they're better than everyone in the world, that’s how I thought. I began doing stand-up thinking I could do stand-up! So, like you can see, I don’t have a deep backstory. I just started thinking I could do it. And then I just tried doing it,” Joel says laughing.

Since Joel takes things and life in general as it comes, we asked him what he does when his jokes don’t work? “My jokes don’t land so often!” he laughs, and then adds, “But no, you don’t do anything, because it happens so often that you just say the next joke. Most of the time, the audience does not even realise when a joke doesn't land, especially when you do a special, and that’s because you are attempting, say, around 100 jokes. So, if a few jokes don't land, that’s fine, who cares!”

Joel D’Souza
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Before ending our conversation, Joel defines comedy for us, saying, “I feel the definition of comedy is just somebody wanting to make you laugh. And I really think it's one of the best things one could do to another.”

Tickets at Rs 500.

June 15, 8 pm.

At Offbeat Music Ventures, Raja Annamalai Puram.


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