Are you up for some freestyle hip-hop with Dinesh?

A street style showcase where Dinesh and crew will perform hip-hop, locking, breaking and in the end, do freestyle cipher

Chennai-based dancer Dinesh, better known by his artiste name, Mr DEZEE, is set to take the stage by storm as he performs some freestyle hip-hop and makes you groove along.

By his own admission, “Hip-Hop was something that my teacher, Alto, who got trained in it from the US, brought into our lives. Our crew, All For One, are the hip-hop pioneers in Tamil Nadu. It is the one thing that united us and empowered us to showcase our culture and gave us a voice.”

Their performance as a part of AFM’s La Nuit Blanche — the night belongs to you is going t be an engaging workshop followed by a Hip-hop showcase by Art In Us Studio.

Dinesh, who has been dancing professionally for the past 18 years says, “Istarted my journey in dance from the streets along with other guys from my area by performing at small stage shows, temple festivals, etc.” It was later that he met his teacher Alto who introduced Dinesh to hip-hop. “He was a professional street style dancer who trained from the US under big names and he was one of the major reasons for igniting my passion for this particular art form,” he adds.

Hip-hop originated from the underground movement and was a way of expressing and standing for what you believe. “For me, it means oneness, community, empowerment and equality. It gave us a voice when we were voiceless and helped showcase our culture and what we stand for,” Dinesh tells us.

So what is their upcoming performance going to entail? “It’s going to be a street style showcase where we will perform hip-hop, locking, breaking and in the end, we do freestyle cipher!”

Entry free.
October 7, 9.15 to 10.15 pm
At Edouard Michelin Auditorium, AFM

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