Here's why MILI’s latest release Keep The Hope Alive has become a quarantine favourite

MILI's newly-released single Keep The Hope Alive might be just what you need to beat those lockdown blues.
Keep The Hope Alive
Keep The Hope Alive

When things around you seem grim, it's but natural to look for that tiny ray of sunshine to hold on to. Singer MILI's newly-released single Keep The Hope Alive might be just what you need to beat those lockdown blues. Its peppy track, cheerful vocals accompanied by words of affirmation makes it an easy guess why it's become a quarantine favourite for many.

"When the lockdown began, a lot of people including friends and family were reaching out, from different parts of the world. That's when it hit me that what we are going through is very unique. We are going through the same emotion, the same anxiety, same stress all at the same time across the world. The whole thing really made me choose -- between getting stressed or to accept the reality and be hopeful and I chose the latter," the Chennai-based artiste.


"I express best with music so I just sat in a room and wrote this song in a couple of hours. If a song comes to me like that, it's a message that needs to reach people. There's a purpose to it. I wanted to keep it pure and simple. So I decided to retain the simplicity in the song with just the guitar and the voice. I knew that it's going to resonate really well with people everywhere and I'm really happy that it has," adds MILI who has previously released a 10-track album Written in the Stars in 2017, featuring various international artistes.

Having worked with the likes of AR Rahman, Amit Trivedi among others, MILI who's known for hits such as Meethi Boliyaan (Kai Po Che), Badari Badariyaan & Yatra (Coke Studio@MTV) and Parakka Seivaai (Ambikapathy) shares that putting out own music is a different experience altogether. "With film music, you are singing for the composer’s or the film’s director’s vision and for a situation in a movie. Whereas your own song is free of any limitation. You get to put your soul out there. For me, it's like the tables have turned. Usually, I work for these musicians and this time, there were people trying to understand what I wanted to put out. So I want to keep coming out with music because I love that process," shares MILI adding that she has a couple more music projects cooking in her studio, one of which is an international collaboration and the other one in Hindi

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