Indie Music Label's single Aameen 2.0 crosses six million views on YouTube

The Punjabi Sufi song is sung by Hashmat Sultana and features actress Heli Daruwala
A still from Aameen 2.0
A still from Aameen 2.0

Independent music has got a new lease of life, courtesy the pandemic. Many up and coming artistes and independent musicians have been able to make a mark virtually with people seeking out fresh music during the lockdown period.

Among labels that have released new music is the Indie Music Label. The single Aameen 2.0 sung by Hashmat Sultana featuring actress Heli Daruwala was released by the company on August 24. The Punjabi Sufi song has been received well and has garnered over six million views and counting. In an interview, Naushad Khan, MD, Indie Music Label speaks about how the independent and folk music scene has evolved in India.


Naushad Khan
Naushad Khan

How different is the independent music scene in India today?
I think the consumption of independent music has risen sharply due to the pandemic. Those who weren’t into indie music have taken note of the talent. Many singles that were released have received great response from the audience. All our songs such as Asal Mein, Tabaah, Aameen, Aameen 2.0 and Ek Tarfa have all been huge hits and appreciated by the audience.

Aameen 2.0 is still doing well but what's the next release from Indie Music Label?
There are multiple songs with different artistes that we are working on, but the first to release will likely be Siddharth Bhavsar's single. It should release by mid-September.

Your company has also worked with a well-known artiste such as Darshan Raval... so are you looking at working with only known names or are you scouting for new talent always?
Indie Music Label’s partnership with Darshan has yielded great results in the past and yes, we most certainly will continue with this partnership. But the aim has always been able to provide a platform for young artistes and we are committed to that. We will soon be launching four new singers who have created fantastic songs.

Looking at how the Punjabi music market is overflowing with so many artistes, what do you look for in an artiste and a song?
I think what we look at first is the feel of the song. It must be soulful and needs to have substance, a good example is Tabaah. The song should have the emotion and feel to go beyond the region and be loved by people across the country.

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