Watch: Billie Eilish talks about the dark side of being a celebrity in her new music video, NDA

The song is part of the singer's upcoming album, Happier Than Ever
Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish's music has always had an edgy and dark tone. The 19-year-old gets frank about the problems she has faced by being famous, especially at such a young age. Titled NDA, the song is part of her upcoming album, Happier Than Ever. This is the fifth track that Eilish has shared from the album that's due for release on July 30. Other songs from the album include Lost Cause and Therefore I Am, which is already a big hit.

In NDA, the American musician opens up about a stalker whom she had to get a restraining order against, and other instances of harassment. The song may be an eye opener to some who think being a celebrity is easy. Billie also said in an interview that writing this song felt therapeutic for her. 

The lyrics also talk about how difficult it is to form normal relationships because of her celebrity status:
"I bought a secret house when I was seventeen (Hah)
Haven't had a party since I got the keys
Had a pretty boy over, but he couldn't stay
On his way out I made him sign an NDA, mm
Yeah, I made him sign an NDA​."​

Billie has also directed the music video that sees her (in her new blond hair) walking at night on a street with oncoming traffic. The whole video was filmed in one take, making it even more impressive.

Watch the video for NDA here:

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