Chinmayi Sripada & Capricio: A collab you can’t miss in Hyderabad

Capricio is collaborating with singer Chinmayi Sripada for a live concert at Rock Heights in Shilparamam on October 30. The band’s percussionist, Sai Teja, tells us all about it

author_img Shreya Veronica Published :  23rd October 2021 11:12 AM   |   Published :   |  23rd October 2021 11:12 AM

(L) Chinmayi Sripada and (R) Capricio

The live music scene in Hyderabad is picking up after a nearly two-year lull caused by the pandemic. Apart from outstation bands flying into the City of Pearls to give Hyderabadis the time of their lives, several local bands have also been taking their act a notch higher.

City-based renowned classical fusion band Capricio is collaborating with singer Chinmayi Sripada for a live concert at Rock Heights in Shilparamam on October 30. This is the first time that the band will share the stage with Chinmayi, and they are pumped about it.

“We have been doing virtual shows with her for quite some time now. It has been a great experience collaborating with Chinmayi ma’am, who is known for her popular teenage songs. We have been rehearsing a lot for this concert and it is turning out well,” says Sai Teja, the percussionist.

This performance is going to be extra special as the set-list comprises multi-lingual numbers with surprising twists. “The experience of a gig in a café is completely different from a live concert. People come to a concert to only listen to the music. So, our performance will also be quite different from a usual gig — there’s more effort going in, our song choice will differ and the way we engage with the crowd will matter. We have done so many concerts in the US for the Telugu diaspora, but in Hyderabad, we have never had a full-fledged concert. We perform every single day, but it will be bigger this time,” says Teja.

When asked about the turnout he expects, Teja says he’s not sure. “After this pandemic, I really don’t know how people will accept this format of entertainment. But Shanumuka Priya’s concert had a healthy turnout. Also, not everyone would prefer going to a cafe as alcohol is served. For families especially, concerts are a great place to enjoy some good live music.”

While the pandemic has hit almost all industries, entertainment it was worse. Several musicians in Hyderabad were forced to take up another job to make ends meet as shows and gigs came to a grinding halt. “No one cares about the entertainment industry, not even the government. They remember us only during the weekends. Artistes are not treated properly. Imagine a 27-28-year-old guy sitting at home, earning nothing for months together. Thankfully, our parents were supportive and did not think of us as a burden,” he says.

Well, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. That’s exactly what Capricio did. They launched a concept called ‘Live and Sing’ -- a first-of-its-kind in Hyderabad wherein the band went to people’s homes and sang. “It was a hit as many of our followers approached us. We are still recovering from the pandemic and hopefully, things get better over the next six months,” says Teja, who is keeping his fingers crossed and hoping that a third wave does not hit the city.

Apart from this, the band is likely to tour by March-April when they will release their originals. It also has a few collaborations in the pipeline. “We are coming up with new ideas and events. We will be releasing a big surprise for the people of Hyderabad in January. We will soon have to meet for that as well,” he signs off.