Saahil Bhargava talks about the highlights of debut EP Ronin and his love for animated music videos  

Saahil Bhargava on his debut EP and getting two nominations at the LA Shorts International Film Festival

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Saahil Bhargava

Saahil Bhargava

Despite having made just one EP, Saahil Bhargava seems to be making a mark on the Indian an international music scene with a nomination at the LA Shorts International Film Festival. Titled Ronin, the EP comprises five songs — Wind, Mama, Kohima, Overture, and Ronin, the last release from the album. In this collection, he tells stories not just from the music and lyrics, but also through the animation and aims to explore themes of despair, grief, panic, and inner conflict.

The singer, after a visit to Japan in 2019, wrote the title track and then produced the other songs. It was his desire to write a story exploring the thoughts of a samurai, who is conflicted about life. We speak to the singer about the last release from his album, and about receiving two nominations at international film festivals. Excerpts:

How would you describe the theme and genre of the track?
The EP deals with the feeling of losing a crucial aspect of oneself. It is external, like a character’s death, in Kohima and Wind and more internal, like identity and existential crisis, in the title track. I would describe the genre as 'cinematic rock' as it blends the story elements from movies, video games, and theatre. One can also notice that a few elements are inspired by rock music.

The music video of Ronin is animated and has colourful visuals. Do you think your background in animation helped with the theme and the idea?
Absolutely. Working in animation and also being a massive fan of anime motivated me to want to tell these stories using the medium. Also, the fact that the pandemic restricted our options, made me go in that direction.

Art work from Ronin

Do you have a favourite beat from the track?
I would say my favourite part has to be the second chorus. Paired with stunning visuals, the whole sequence captures the samurai’s anguish and pain.

You were a nominee at the LA Shorts International Film Festival. Can you share what your initial reaction was?
I was completely speechless! LA Shorts is an amazing festival, so to be nominated, especially alongside artistes like Paul McCartney and Yo-Yo Ma, was unbelievable. To be honest, I couldn’t quite process my excitement for a few weeks. I hope my future releases receive similar responses and nominations.

What is next on your agenda?
I am currently working on my new music, which will be released later this year. I am yet to make an official announcement about this.

Ronin is streaming on all online platforms.