Indian Idol Telugu’s top 5 contestants get candid about their journey, and most memorable moments on sets

Music, its lesson & memories
Indian Idol show
Indian Idol show

The show Indian Idol has its fans across the country but its Telugu version on Aha has surprised us all with the kind of views and attention the show has been garnering. Since day 1, contestants and judges have taken the show to unimaginable heights. Even as the show nears completion soon, CE catches up with the top five contestants who take us on an emotional ride through the show.

K Pranathi, one of the most popular contestants on the show, says that her favourite part about Indian Idol is that she could sing the best of the classics and make it her own. Every episode was a learning curve but her favourite, however, remains the episode where Mani Sharma, one of Tollywood’s best music composers came as a guest on the show. “I sang a song he composed and he announced it to be ‘bomma blockbuster’ which is a big deal for me,” an excited Pranathi shares.

For BVK Vagdevi, the show is all about giving her best and taking (learning) from the best. “I came without much knowledge about a lot of things concerning music but getting to interact with the orchestra is one of my favourite learning experiences,” says she.

Vaishnavi Kovvuri, who is known to experiment with songs that have been long forgotten, says, “I got to meet a lot of amazing people at and through the show. My songs won hearts — these are some memories I will cherish for a lifetime.” Her favourite moment of the show has to be the episode where her idol Karthik (singer and composer) said he was proud to be a part of her musical journey!

Srinivas Darimishetty, who entered the show with a sole vision to make his mother proud says, “This show has taught me more than just about music — it made me a responsible human being.” He counts himself blessed to be even among the top 12, top 5 is a dream come true.

The contests seem to have the most fun even beyond the shoot of the episodes. They collectively name Boda Jayanth Maadhur as the naughtiest on the show. Srinivas says, “We’re all usually nervous when it’s time to perform but somehow Jayanth manages to be chill, relaxed and jokes around even after the rehearsals, especially when it’s about to be his turn to perform!”

Jayanth, who hopes to also become an actor, says, “I think I have all it needs to be an actor — except the belly, which I’ll work on,” he laughs. Like his fellow contestants, he names the episode with Mani Sharma as one of the most memorable ones. “I had always dreamt of meeting Mani sir and it was surreal when it came true and I got to perform for him! I also enjoyed performing for Balakrishna sir — I will hold his compliments dear to my heart,” he says.

Love and negativity are part and parcel of their life and they share how they have learnt to deal with it all. “We were touched to see people from the remotest places to even those in the USA cheer for us. But we also saw hate come our way — it does hurt sometimes but we look to learn from it and move on,” Srinivas tells CE.

The contestants, who are all fans of social media, rightfully so, for having made them even bigger stars, enjoy making reels and short videos. “It serves as a great stress buster, we never thought of trying something on social media but today, our handles are flooded with love and even some very funny versions. The number of retakes to get that perfect post is unbelievable,” says Pranathi. Jayanth adds, “It’s a humbling feeling to see how we earlier got two and three digits views and today — we deal with millions of them!”

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