Katrina Kaif is the new face of Reebok, the actor reveals her fitness secrets in this exclusive interview

The actress also shares why she loves almond flour brownies
Katrina Kaif
Katrina Kaif

Katrina’s fit body and striking looks keep her on the list of the most searched Indian celebrities on Google. In fact, Katrina is followed by over 24.5 million users on Instagram,making her one of the top 10 most followed Indian celebrities. Her recent pictures on the page show how fit she is. Dressed in Reebok apparel, Katrina epitomises the definition of sporting a ‘hot gym look’. Talking about her association with the sportswear brand, she says, “I had been looking for a partner and a platform to share my thoughts on fitness, so I think Reebok is perfect for this.”

However, it’s not as easy as it seems to achieve the body Katrina has. The actress shares how small lifestyle choices and practices help in achieving bigger fitness goals. Whether she is shooting, or not, Katrina follows a certain routine and that has helped her stay fit and keep her skin flawless. She reveals, “The time period when I am not shooting, I call it my maintaining phase. If I am not training for a particular target required for a movie, then I try and get a lot of variety in my training. I do a mix of pilates, swimming, yoga, jogging and weight training. I usually listen to my body and like to do what I want to that particular day. But, I try to workout five-tosix hours a week, that’s the target I maintain.”

The actress is also a stickler for healthy eating. She says if she had to choose foods, she would prefer homemade stuff over processed and shelf foods. Even if it is a cheat meal, it needs to be made with healthy ingredients for Katrina. “If you make me a brownie with almond flour, cocoa powder, honey and egg, then I will enjoy that. It doesn’t need to be a brownie made with sugar. I enjoy rich food but it doesn’t have to be processed,” offers the fitness freak. 

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