Mandira Bedi criticised for performing late husband Raj Kaushal's last rites; Sona Mohapatra, Mini Mathur extend support to actress

While many commended Mandira Bedi for breaking stereotypes, others took to social media to troll her for performing the last rites of her husband Raj Kaushal

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Mandira Bedi

Mandira Bedi performs the last rites for her husband Raj Kaushal

Singer Sona Mohapatra and actress Mini Mathur have come out in support of actress and fashion designer Mandira Bedi, whose husband, filmmaker Raj Kaushal passed away on June 30.

Mandira Bedi had performed the last rites for her husband, which as per religious practices in India is usually done by male members of the family. While many commended Mandira for breaking stereotypes, others took to social media to troll her for performing the last rites. Some even commented on her attire that day: a simple white t-shirt and jeans.

Condemning the trolls, Sona Mohapatra said the trolling was “not surprising for her” since “stupidity was more abundant than any other element in our world, after all.”

Sona wrote on Twitter, “That some people are still commenting on Mandira Bedi’s dress code or choice to carry out her husband Raj Kushal’s last rites shouldn’t surprise us. Stupidity is more abundant than any other element in our world after all (sic).”

Following her tweet, fans began extending messages of support, with a user saying, “Rightly said. It is disgraceful and shows lack of human feelings to even think, talk about it (sic).” Another netizen wrote, “Well said. That’s no one’s business. People should stand by her during this time and admire her for the courage (sic).”

Mini Mathur too came out in support of Mandira on Twitter and asked people to applaud her strength instead. Calling them “fools,” Mini wrote, “Makes me sick that people are having a field day trolling a grieving woman for performing last rites on her husband instead of asking a stranger or her tiny kid. Or for not having the time to dress the way THEY imagine grieving women should dress. Fools!! Applaud her strength! (sic)”

Raj Kaushal, 49, passed away early on Wednesday morning due to a heart attack. His funeral was held at a funeral ground in Shivaji Park, Dadar in Mumbai.

Mandira and Raj’s friend, music composer Sulaiman Merchant recounted the incidents before his death to media sources. He was quoted as saying, “Raj was feeling uneasy in the evening, he took an antacid tablet. Time rolled by into the night, and around 4 am, Raj felt more uneasy. He told Mandira that he was getting a heart attack. Mandira acted swiftly and called Ashish Chaudhary, who rushed to their place. Mandira and Ashish put him in the car but he was losing consciousness. I think they drove off, taking him to the Lilavati Hospital, if I’m not wrong. But in the next 5-10 minutes, they realised that he had no pulse. Before they reached the doctor, it was too late (sic).”

Raj is survived by wife Mandira, son Veer, and daughter Tara.