Jathi Ratnalu fame Faria Abdullah speaks about her love for dancing 

The bubbly and graceful Faria Abdullah won hearts with her role as Chitti in Jathi Ratnalu
Faria Abdullah
Faria Abdullah

The bubbly and graceful Faria Abdullah won hearts with her role as Chitti in Jathi Ratnalu. Even as she went on to appear in other films, for her, films are just one of the many avenues to express herself. The actor talks to CE about the very many interesting things she has her hands and legs (dance) in, to keep her from burning out and living life to the fullest. 

Faria takes her ‘me-time’ very seriously. She, who likes to keep herself as busy as possible, with multiple things to juggle between, ensures she makes time to chill. One of the simplest ways she relaxes is by binge-watching her favourite TV series - her go-to genre being comedy. “I usually watch an episode of The Office or How I Met Your Mother,” she tells CE. 

The world knows Faria’s love for dance - night or day, party or not, one can find her dancing her way to glory. So it’s only natural for her to fall for music too, they go hand in hand after all. Not to forget the added benefits of a satisfying and fun workout. “When it comes to increasing dopamine, I listen to music, try to stretch a little,” says she, whose Instagram feed is replete with fun videos of her dancing by herself, with friends and the who’s who of the dancing world!

Chitti is absolutely fond of animals. Her social media page is proof of that.  “Petting my cat is a stress buster too, he hates being cuddly but I force my love on him,” she laughs. Faria strongly believes that having the right kind of people around you would mean half the battle is won.

She explains, “I love working with like-minded people. Cypherhours, Hyderabad’s biggest dance festival, is a place where I meet such amazing artists.” If you’re like Faria too, she says before she signs off, “come down for a time of fun and bonding on June 25-26 at Prism Club, Financial District.” The 11th edition of Cypherhours will go on from 10 am-10 pm during the weekend.

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