Twinkle Khanna completes her master's degree from the University of London, Akshay Kumar reacts 

The Bollywood actor shared a special social media post cheering for his wifey 
Akshay Kumar congratulates Twinkle Khanna
Akshay Kumar congratulates Twinkle Khanna

Bollywood star Akshay Kumar is a proud husband as his author-wife Twinkle Khanna has completed her master’s degree in Fiction Writing from the University of London. On Friday, Twinkle shared a video on Instagram and wrote a caption about her getting a master’s degree.

She wrote: “A year of reading, analysing, figuring out what even eighth graders know these days, how to do citations, dealing with assignments and submissions, and finally, by handing in my dissertation, it all comes to an end.”

“I thought that handing in my final dissertation would be like breaking out of an academic escape room. But instead of celebrating, I am feeling lost because something that has been such a large part of my life for an entire year is now over.” 

“For younger students, their parents organise logistics. For people at my stage we are the organisers. I applied to five universities, got rejected by one, but got my first choice. Then, I had to do the tough bits: getting my daughter to move, not just schools but countries; arranging my work in a way that I can manage virtually and fly down repeatedly; working on my book, finding a place to live, doctors, plumbers, delivery apps, and making friends in a new city. It’s all been overwhelming sometimes.”

“The most important lesson I learned this year? Age is not a division sum where we are reduced to a fraction of what we were. It is a multiplier if we choose to keep growing in every way and not just horizontally,” she added.

She shared a video, where she gave a tour of her university. She received a word of praise for her husband Akshay Kumar.  He took to his Instagram stories and wrote:  “Mastered it and how! So, so proud of you Tina (red heart) Now the most important question, when are you coming back home. (laughing emojis)”

Twinkle dons multiple hats. She is an author, interior decorator and film producer as well. She started her career with acting but called it quits after a few years.

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