Sanjay Mishra finishes filming for Smita Singh's debut film, Andaman, based on COVID-19 

After Bahut Hua Samman, the actor will be seen in another inspiring role
Sanjay Mishra with co-star Anand Raaj in Andaman
Sanjay Mishra with co-star Anand Raaj in Andaman

He is known for playing roles which also have a message in them. Whether it's Kadvi Hawa, Masaan or Bahut Hua Samman, his acts have always left us with something to ponder over. And now, the actor is back playing another such inspiring role in the upcoming film Andaman directed by debutante director Smita Singh. 

Produced by 8 Pillars motion pictures, this film is written by Anand Raj who is also playing the protagonist. It is an inspirational social drama around a quarantine centre made in an underprivileged village. It deals with the harsh realities of our society with a great sense of humour. 

The shooting of the film recently took place in Lucknow and other parts of UP. 

<em>Sanjay Mishra with Smita Singh during the shooting of Andaman</em>
Sanjay Mishra with Smita Singh during the shooting of Andaman

"No film or filmmaker is big or small. A film creates a large impact only after its making. I'm sure this film will create that spark. I'm doing this film to support new talent and have seen the hard work put by the director and the entire team hence said yes to the project. I really want new talent to grow because they come with fresh ideas and concept," tells Sanjay Mishra.

Debutante director Smita Singh shares, "Working with Sanjay was not just fun and inspirational but it was more of a learning process. He guided me a lot through the technicalities involved in filmmaking. He is a warm, hard-working and a genuine person and since I was a fan of his acting, working with him was such a momentous and comprehending journey".

This film is rooted in the daily life challenges of common people in rural areas with a great sense of humour and reflects how the most challenging times can pave the way for the greatest of transformations.

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