Thalapathy Vijay’s ‘Leo’ releases in theatres, receives mixed reactions from critics and audiences

Directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj, Leo features Vijay alongside Trisha Krishnan, with Sanjay Dutt also playing a significant role in the film

Today, the highly anticipated release of Thalapathy Vijay's Leo in theatres has ignited a flurry of responses across social media as fans rushed to catch the early morning show of this action-packed film. The first reactions to the film vary widely, with some viewers comparing it to Rajinikanth's Jailer while others praising Vijay for his thrilling performance.

Film trade insider, Manobala Vijayabalan, expressed his views on the film, describing Leo as the ‘weakest film’ in Vijay's career. He shared his thoughts on X, saying, “Tried to be a lion but ended up as a cat. Despite a promising premise and some commendable efforts from Joseph Vijay and the cast, the result is a disappointment. Lokesh Kanagaraj's 'Leo' fails to live up to the expectations or unnecessary hype. Also, the film does not maintain a consistent level of engagement, leading to moments of boredom that detract from the overall viewing experience. The film is nowhere near Vikram or Kaithi, it is the weakest in Lokesh's career. A mediocre effort.”

Taran Adarsh Tweet Vijay Film Leo

Another film trade insider commented, “#LEO is 4 times worse than BEAST.” However, film critic Taran Adarsh took a different stance, calling the film a ‘blockbuster’ and exclaiming, “#LokeshKanagaraj has delivered a masterpiece, an exhilarating blend of emotion and mass action. This year belongs to the #Thalapathy @actorvijay. #Sanjaydutt, #Arjun, and the rest were great. Don't miss it!

Social Media Reaction On Vijay's Film Leo

Meanwhile, a social media user shared their perspective, writing, “Leo - no spoiler review: The first half is paced with realistic storytelling and brutal violence, making it an absolute banger. The second half is filled with explosive commercial moments and surprises. Industry hit loading.” Another viewer, said, “I am from North India but after watching #Leo, I can say, #Vijay is the hero of the whole world. Five out of five points to #LeoFilm. We love love you #VijayThalapathy, sir.”

However, not all feedback was positive, as one individual stated, “A disappointing drama… Sorry #Vijay fans.”

Comparisons between Leo and Jailer were also drawn, with a fan noting, “Jailer has only 5 or 6 mass scenes. Leo is filled with mass scenes. Jailer is nothing in front of Leo.” Early morning show visuals from the film have begun to circulate on social media, further fuelling the excitement around Leo.

Directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj and part of his film universe (LCU). Leo features Vijay alongside Trisha Krishnan, with Sanjay Dutt also playing a significant role in the film. The diverse range of reactions to the film showcases the passionate and dedicated fan base of Vijay and the power of cinema to elicit a wide spectrum of emotions and opinions.

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