Fallon, Kimmel perform mini-shows from home for 'our new post-apocalyptic world'

Comedian Jimmy Fallon and TV host Jimmy Kimmel recently decided to entertain viewers from their homes with jokes based on the theme of quarantine.

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Jimmy Kimmel (Source: YouTube)

Jimmy Kimmel (Source: YouTube)

Washington DC, Mar 18 (ANI): As quarantine amid coronavirus outbreak has paused several entertainment shows, comedian Jimmy Fallon and TV host Jimmy Kimmel recently decided to entertain viewers from their homes with jokes based on the theme of quarantine.

According to reports, both Fallon and Kimmel used YouTube to deliver their dose of entertainment from their living rooms.

Both shows were quite similar as they threw in the theme of St Patricks Day, made humour out of their parenthood, made jokes on the exit of Tom Brady from the Patriots and sung songs on quarantine.

Falon started the show with jokes on traffic in New York.

"Welcome to The Tonight Show, I'm so excited to be doing the show from my panic room -- I mean, living room. I'm doing the show from my house in New York, and this is how crazy New York traffic is. I'm doing the show from my living room, and I was still late," reports quoted Fallon as saying in his video.

Giving a humourous mention to his children, Fallon says, "With classes cancelled around the country, lots of people are home-schooling their kids. I am home-schooling my kids and it's working out pretty well, in fact, my kids have already learned a valuable lesson: Their dad is an idiot."

In later parts of the video, the comic is seen opening a can of Guinness beer as a mark of celebration of the St Patricks Day with soda bread and Kerrygold butter.

"If you bake this at home, people in the house won't really eat it, because there's caraway seed in there, and it's really kind of baking soda-y ... it's just a lot of flour. I love it, Irish people love it ... but if you make this at home, you'll be the only one, kind of, eating it," says the 45-year-old comedian.

Speaking Sports, Fallon then took towards the topic of Tom Brady's exit from New England Patriots on St Patricks Day and compared that to getting dumped on one's own birthday.

"Some big sports news today: Tom Brady announced that he's leaving the New England Patriots on St. Patrick's Day. Yikes, for Boston, that's like getting dumped on your birthday," he says.

He capped it off with a rendition based quarantine theme and St Patricks Day.

On the other hand, ABC's Jimmy Kimmel took to YouTube with his 'Quarantine Minilogue'.

He kick-started the minilogue by saying, "Hi, it's Jimmy. I hope you and your friends and your family are as well as can be expected in our new post-apocalyptic world."



"We are not on live this week, for obvious reasons, but since I have nothing to do, and the fact that you're watching this makes me assume you have nothing to do, I'm going to shoot a mini-monologue every day until we get back from my house where I am currently incarcerated - I mean, camping out, with my family," reports quoted Kimmel as saying.

Just like Jimmy Fallon, Kimmel too gave special credits to his young children.

"You know, you learn a lot about yourself when you're isolated at home. For instance, I learned that I have two young children - which was really something to find out. Thank God for television. My blood type right now is Disney-positive, or Disney+, whatever they call it," says Kimmel.

Viewing the situation of quarantine and coronavirus outbreak through a political lens, he says, "So, anyway, yesterday our president, Donald Trump, gave himself a 10 out of 10 for the way he's handled this situation. Gave himself a 10, which, incidentally, is the same amount of testing kits that are currently available in the United States right now."

"And then Trump told people, us, to stop hoarding unnecessary amounts of food. That's right -- this man, this individual, would like you to take it easy with the food. So, please, by order of the president, take it easy with the food," he adds.

Giving a special mention to the St Patrick's Day, Kimmel said, "This is an especially tough day to stay home, obviously because it's St Patrick's Day. I do want to say Happy St Patrick's Day, not just to our Irish friends and the Irish-Americans watching, but all alcoholics, everywhere. Happy return of the potato famine, too."



Giving a sharp turn to the show with a Tom Brady joke, he said, "So, Tom Brady, for whatever reason, chose today, St Patrick's Day, to announce he's leaving the Patriots. And for people from Boston, this is like if Santa died on Christmas. This is terrible."

"Tom tweeted a message to his fans saying he is forever a Patriot, no matter what. And he is, except for next season, and for every other season he plays after that," he added.

Fallon and Kimmel both promised their viewers that they will continue entertaining their audiences from their houses until they get back to their shows with the end of the quarantine.

Globally, 184,976 people have been infected, while 7,529 have died from COVID-19, as per the latest available data on the World Health Organisation (WHO) website.