Corona Pop goes viral: Kolaveri di becomes 'Why this corona disease?' and other ditties

It is human nature to look for a bit of comic relief even in the most grim situations, and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is no different a situation. 

author_img Durga Chakravarty Published :  18th March 2020 01:10 PM   |   Published :   |  18th March 2020 01:10 PM
Corona Pop songs go viral

Corona Pop songs go viral

New Delhi, March 18 (IANS): It is human nature to look for a bit of comic relief even in the most grim situations, and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is no different a situation. 

While the disease spreads, several celebrities as well as netizens have taken to social media to spread some joy with songs about COVID-19.

These include popular names like Ali Zafar, Narendra Chanchal and Jaime Lever among others.

The peppy numbers talk about where disease starts from, about hygiene, the necessity of wearing masks, and emphasise on washing hands.

Here is the complete dossier on songs that define an emerging genre that could perhaps be dubbed Corona Pop.

* Narendra Chanchal's coronavirus bhajan: Veteran devotional singer Narendra Chanchal's video of a bhajan on the virus at a recent Holi function has gone viral. The opening line of the song goes: Dengue bhi aaya, swine flu bi aaya, Chikungunya ne shor machaya, Khabre ki ki ho na, O kitthon aaya corona, Maiya ji, kitthon aaya corona (There was dengue, there was swine flu. Chikungunya created some noise, too. All of it made news, but where did corona come from).

* Jaime Lever's Kolaveri di recreation for COVID-19: Jaime recreated Dhanush's popular Kolaveri di number into 'Why this corona disease?'. The funny part is that the song starts with Jaime coughing and then she explaining that the disease began from Wuhan, China and then emphasises on washing hands and wearing masks. In the song later, Jaime also talks about the theatres and airports being shut. The video currently has 13,285 views on Instagram. She captioned her video: "WHY THIS CORONA DESIESE (SIC)... CORONA DISEASE Song."

* Ali Zafar's Ko Ko Coronavirus song: The video starts with Ali saying in Hindi that: "Right now, entire human race is fighting a crisis which we all have to fight". He then describes the virus as "upar se sharmeela lekin andar se shaitan ka saala". In the track, he says if one has symptoms should immediately see a doctor. He then stresses that instead of shaking hands say hello from a distance and sacrifice social life for some time. His video has 632K views on Instagram and he captioned it "Ko ko Coronavirus... se kaisay larna hai. Ghor se bhaee ka song suno."


Corona Pop songs go viral

* Cardi B's tweet turned into a rap track: A DJ named iMarkkeyz turned rapper Cardi B's COVID-19 warning into a song with a music video which went viral, reports said. iMarkkeyz, over the weekend, dropped a remix of the Bodak Yellow hitmaker's previous Instagram video where she spoke of her concern about the virus. "Coronavirus, Coronavirus, sh*t is getting real, sh*t is getting real, sh*t is real," Cardi is heard saying before the beat drops and she's heard speaking over a hip hop beat. The remix and its video went viral after its release with the rapper even reacting to it on Twitter. "At this point I want royalties," Cardi tweeted.