Is Varun Thakur willing to do anything for love? We ask the host of the new reality show on MTV

Varun is hosting a show called Anything for Love that features real-life couples
Varun Thakur
Varun Thakur

How far will you go to prove your love to your boyfriend or girlfriend or partner? A new reality TV show, Anything for Love, hosted by comedian-actor Varun Thakur features couples who take up unimaginable tasks to prove their love. In an interview with Indulge, Varun tells us more about the show and what to expect. Excerpts:

What’s the idea and concept behind the show?
Anything For Love is a game show centered around millennials and Gen Z couples. The love of every couple would be put to test using different parameters like compatibility, intimacy, and their knowledge about each other and what their likes and dislikes are. All of these are put to the test in some fun, crazy and unique games which I think is the USP of the show.

How did you get roped in to be the part of this project?
A few months ago I was contacted by MTV and I said yes to doing the show within 15 seconds of the call. I have grown up watching MTV and when the opportunity came to host my own show on the channel, it really didn’t take much time for me to say yes, especially given the fun concept of the show.

What according to you is love?
Love is having fun with each other, and you don't need anyone else when your partner is around. It is also about uplifting and supporting each other and not trying change each other. Like Shahrukh Khan would say 'love is friendship.'

What is your take on dating apps?
To be honest I have been in a relationship for the last five years and recently got married. Long ago I was on a dating app but it wasn’t fun for me. I didn’t pay much attention to it. It was something which I did for timepass, I was just mindlessly scrolling on the apps, but I know a lot of people who met on dating apps and are now married. Everybody has their own experience and outlook towards it.

How should anyone deal with body shaming by their partner?
I don’t think there is any middle path to being body-shamed by your partner. The last person you expect to body shame you is your partner but that doesn’t mean they can’t give constructive criticism on anything. But if your partner is going to sit there and body shame you then I think it is a red flag. 

 How did you fall in love and how different is the feeling when you get married?
As cliched as it may sound but when you fall in love or find that one person, you just know. It is not a feeling that you can describe in clear words, it is just a feeling that you feel, and everybody feels it differently with different intensities at a different time and that’s what happened to me. When I was single for a long time and met Nikita, I felt different, I can’t explain it, but I knew she was the one.

To what extent would you go to prove how much you love your partner?
I  keep saying I am willing to go to any extent but when I was hosting the show and saw all these couples there and what they were willing to do for each other I sort of started questioning myself. I was putting myself in their shoes and questioned whether I would do that for Nikita and many times my answer was no, I am really scared but it also shows how much people are willing to go out there and do anything to make their partners feel happy.  I think between Nikita and me she does a lot more than I do. I probably do it on special occasions but she just does it for no reason on any random day and that is what I love about her the most. 

What is your advice to young lovers?
I think when you find the person, things just automatically change and I would only advise you to just stand by your partner, always support and help each other. Don’t try and change each other and have fun together, I keep saying this all the time and literally that’s what Nikita and my relationship is based on. I think we have a lot of fun with each other. We are honest, supportive, and always try to uplift each other and I think everyone should do that.

Anything For Love airs on MTV on Saturdays and Sundays at 7 pm

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