Actor Arjan Bajwa opens up about his upcoming project, Bestseller  

Arjan Bajwa plays a genius novelist, Tahir Wazir, in the show

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Arjan Bajwa

Arjan Bajwa

Actor Arjan Bajwa has followed one rule passionately in his career spanning over 20 years. He picks stories that resonate with him. He made his debut in the year 2001 with the Telugu movie, Sampangi, and since then he has gone on to do several noteworthy roles. From Guru, Fashion to King and Arundathi, his roles always left a lasting impression on the audience. After a successful debut with the State Of Siege: 26/11 in the digital space, the actor is all set for his next release — Bestseller on Amazon Prime Video. In the show, he plays a genius novelist Tahir Wazir, who is unable to write his next book. We talk to the actor to find out about the show and his upcoming projects. Excerpts:

Can you tell us about your character, and how you got associated with the project?

I got the show through the casting director, who offered me the script. He asked me to read it to see how I feel about it. The story was so interesting that I actually read the entire 450 pages. Then the director and the producer got involved and I got the project. Also, the character written for me, Tahir Wazir, is quite interesting. I was very excited to be a part of Bestseller.

What kind of preparation did the role require from you?

We did some readings before the shooting began to get rid of any glitches or minor problems from the script. All the actors came together and rehearsed the scenes. So, by the end of the table readings, we all knew what exactly we had to do, to do complete justice to our roles.

When a grey character like this is offered to you, how do you approach it?

The way I look at it is, how it is going to impact the story. Yes, my character has flaws and complexities, but the story is around those elements only. I believe ultimately it all boils down to where the character is going to take the story. Getting a chance to tell someone’s story excites me.

What was the working experience like with Mukul Abhyankar?

Fantastic! He is a brilliant technician and has an amazing command of the thriller genre. We are good friends now. I look forward to working with him on more projects.

How was the collaboration with Shruti Haasan and Mithun Chakraborty?

The working experience on the sets was harmonious. Both of them gave lovely performances.

A still from the show

Are you being choosy about your roles?

One has to be choosy. You cannot pick everything that comes your way. I have always concentrated on quality over quantity and will continue to do so.

Of all the characters that you played, which one was the most challenging?

It was my first web series, State Of Siege: 26/11. I played Col. Kunal Sahota, a national hero, and the commanding officer of NSG and the Black Tornado mission. You do not want to falter or make any mistakes when you are portraying a real-life hero.

You have been a part of this business for about two decades now. How do you feel about the rise of OTT and digital spaces?

It is a terrific time to be here. It has brought the world audience together. The biggest boon is, it has made content accessible for everyone.

You were a part of several Telugu movies, any plans on returning here?

Definitely. I am reading a few scripts and you might see me in both cinema and web series soon.

What’s next? What kind of stories are you looking at?

Anything where I justify the role I get and do it for the satisfaction of playing that part and not just for the sake of being busy.

Finally, what do you do to stay fit?

Being fit is not a regimen, it has to be your lifestyle. I have always remained health-conscious and still am.

Bestseller is available for streaming from today on Amazon Prime Video.