PRIDE: Pune-based genderfluid fashion label, KOYTOY, launches new edit

Just in time for Pride month 2021, experimental male fashion brand KOYTOY, has a brand new summery and body-positive edit

author_img Romal Laisram Published :  11th June 2021 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  11th June 2021 06:00 AM


We first came across KOYTOY on several influencers’ pages a few months ago and were mesmerised by their over sized breezy silhouettes and an interesting focus on body harnesses and body positivity. Focusing on shirts, trousers, jackets, bodywear (harnesses) and jewellery; this unisex label, helmed by Kunaal Kyhaan Seolekar, is redefining what gender fluid fashion means. Kunaal studied architectural design at the Parsons School of Design, New York and founded studioHAUS (a home décor brand) in 2012 and KOYTOY in 2020. Based in Kodaikanal and Pune, we catch up with the good-looking designer, (who has acted in a few films and now has a brand new single/music video featuring Sohrab Nicholson out, called Lemon Drops) to find out more about their latest edit.

How did the idea of KOYTOY come about?
Trained as an architect, drafting is a natural trait. Sketches are my preferred medium of translating my visions into reality. The intersection happened while I was travelling across the country, working with local craftsmen. I have always been curious in nature and their natural style caught my attention with their native jewellery and replicas of high end brands. I started documenting this style which led to the transition from architectural schematics to fashion croquis and a whole other language of design expression.

What stands out about your aesthetic?
Aimed to pay homage to our cultural bedrock, referencing roots of vibrant maharaja’s lives, exotic rituals and gem philosophies, I set on penning down the KOYTOY story. Imagining the brand layered with jewels, holding charismatic body postures, unique personalised styling and uninhibited imagery, I then designed and curated my first drop, embodying a desi vibe.

Your brand focuses on gender fluid and experimental male fashion, tell us more?
Brown men are breaking the glass ceiling now. We are witnessing more men in fashion campaigns. I however believe that the representation of the real Indian man is often lost due to set beauty standards. I found a void in our culture that lacked a brand that people could relate to in all genders, thus KOYTOY embodies a gender fluid virtue. In some way I want to create a range that offers versatility to its audience and an ability to transition effortlessly.

Tell us more about the current edit?
The KOYTOY fit is universal; the clothes are oversized and can be styled according to the tastes of the user. The edit offers a playful print library that focuses on naturistic imprints and summery colour schemes. To expand the fabric story, I will be introducing a comfort line that integrates digital prints on cotton blends that are easy to wear and adaptive to the summer season. The colours are inspired by nature — mango, watermelon, and terracotta and the whole collection is in satin silks and cotton silks.

INR 399 to 7,999. Available online.