Six essential bottoms that men should have in their wardrobe

Jeans, chinos, and cargos are some of the bottoms that can help you style yourself effortlessly

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Essential bottoms for men

Essential bottoms for men

Bottoms form an important part of men's fashion. A right bottom can make you look effortlessly stylish and you can also try different types of looks to keep up with the trends. As the fashion trends shuffle quickly, there are some timeless trousers that one can use for a longer time to be relevant in the game. Men’s fashion influencer and stylist Aman Aggarwal spoke to sources in an interview, recommending six bottoms men should always have in their wardrobe.

1. Blue jeans:


Blue jeans are a classic staple in fashion. You can invest in a good pair of blue denim which will last for a long time with proper care. They can be styled well with a variety of shirts and t-shirts to create a number of fashionable looks. 

2. Chinos:


Chinos are more comfortable when compared to jeans and they are available in a large colour selection. Right from blue to green to pink, there is a large variety of choices. One can opt for blue or charcoal chinos for a formal event and at the same time experiment with their look using other colours in a more informal setting.

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3. Joggers:


Jogger pants are as comfortable as sweatpants and as stylish as a pair of chinos. They are trendy choices that are available in a variety of styles, even in denim fabric. This is one essential bottom that one should possess in their collection.

4. Formal pants:


Formal pants can be used to create a number of fashionable looks. Right from office style to a wedding look, these trousers come in handy. They are available in various colours and are timeless too. Formal trouser paired with a shirt creates an excellent look for meetings and interviews.

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5. Sweatpants


They make for the ideal gym attire and are very comfortable too. They retain body heat and can warm up the muscles — which is better during a workout — as the risk of muscle injury is less. They can also be used to create a stylish informal look when needed.

6. Cargo pants


These pants with many pockets are stylish and have utility as well. These trousers are now back in style and can be paired with a plain t-shirt or sweatshirt to create a fashionable look.