Designer Kaveri Lalchand offers exquisite summer staples that flatter all body types

Her collection includes various capsules and they go by names like Garden Trellis, Nool, Botanical Spring, and more.

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Kaveri Lalchand'S Latest Collection

From Kaveri Lalchand's latest collection

Chennai-based designer Kaveri Lalchand is of the opinion that it is the minute details that can make or break a design. No wonder her ensembles are so replete with beautiful techniques like thick and dramatic embroidery, and laser-cut floral elements. Imagine this —one of the outfits in her latest Spring/Summer 2021 collection even has Bougainvillea pressed between two layers of organza!

Madras Checks meet Kimono style and floral details

However, that’s not the only reason why her  design philosophy stands out. Kaveri’s label is one of the rare ones in the country that firmly believes in  inclusivity. “There have been instances when I have gone into stores to buy myself an outfit, and I often leave feeling marginalised and rejected. So in a way this label is a  personal journey and I want to make women happy,” shares the designer,  adding, “Be it patterns or colours, it is very important that clothes do not inhibit anyone’s personality and allow ease of movement.”

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The Lakmé Fashion Week veteran seeks to uplift women’s spirits through her design and her new edition, Iro Yoi Madras, is no different. Iro Yoi in Japanese means colourful. What one sees in these ensembles are an amalgam of Japanese silhouettes — like the kimono — with prints that are an ode to Madras Checks.

From Spring/Summer 2021

Shades to soothe
Her collection includes various capsules and they go by names like Garden Trellis, Nool, Botanical Spring, and more. The last one looks especially graceful with inspirations drawn from flowers, leaves and vines across these garments. “The colours in the collection aim to soothe! One can find an array of pleasing shades like off-white, whale, slate, nude, turquoise, dusty rose, grey, blush, and yellow,” says the designer who has participated in prestigious trade shows in Paris and has sold in several stores across Europe apart from Indian outlets.

Kaveri Lalchand

She adds that the collection is just like Madras, full of colours! Kaveri has a well-known fondeness for linen because of its sheer ability to flatter any body type and one sees that in her latest outing as well.  The outfits are created in such a way as to make the maximum use of linen’s beauty.

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Best of two worlds
Look out for the likes of organza jackets paired with a godet dress, that offer a layered look with an easy-breezy cut. It also comprises beautiful details on dresses like  outfits with interlaced fabric and pressed flowers between layers. One must also watch out for their long-panelled jacket with checked kimono sleeves deftly accessorised with an Obi belt. The checked linen jumpsuit with kimono sleeves and stylish tie ups, is a highlight and we also like the floral detailing on the outfits from the capsule, Botanical Spring. It comprises dresses that certainly has the potential to become become summer staples.  

Rs 8,000 upwards. Available online.