The Saffron Saga helmed by Nirupama Sharma and Anjana Bhamra is set to enhance your workwear wardrobe with their saris

Paulami Sen Published :  23rd June 2020 02:45 PM   |   Published :   |  23rd June 2020 02:45 PM

A gorgeous sari from The Saffron Saga


We discovered The Saffron Saga a few days ago when we were on a lookout for brands that celebrate Indian weavers and their craftsmanship. This label, founded by handloom enthusiasts Nirupama Sharma and Anjana Bhamra immediately got our attention because their lookbook featured saris with exquisite prints.

Nirupama Sharma

Soon we reached out to Nirupama Sharma to talk about the latest collection of workwear saris that they have come out with. We soon learn that they are crafted by weavers from chosen clusters, hand printers, hand embroiders and it is the attention to detail that makes these ensembles stand apart.

Anjana Bhamra

Woven tales
“Although we had worked with power loom when we first started a few years ago, we soon discovered that handloom was our calling,” says Nirupama. Nirupama and Anjana work out of a studio in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. Also, they have adopted looms in the border area of Balaaghat district, MP and have also been working closely with a cluster of artisans, providing them with steady employment through the years.

Pretty in pink

They specialise in weaves like Maheshwari silks, cotton and the co-founders have also innovated with their team of artisans to come up with a new yarn of fabric. The unique fabric is called nassi that incorporates elements of tussar. The feeling is that of a mix of silk and cotton.

Comfort is the key

“Our recent collection is all about timeless workwear to enhance your wardrobe for those who love wearing saris to offices and meetings,” informs Nirupama. After all, there’s no reason for the saris to be limited to occasional wear if they are comfortable. And that’s the key idea behind this collection. The palette of her new collection offers hues favourable for the summers like burnt orange, blush pink and violet. The fabrics are skin-friendly as well. It is interesting to note that the weaves are often named depending on their colours or the intrinsic designs. Some of them are also named from the flowers that inspire their hues, Mahua and Genda are cases in point.

Power dressing

Some of the saris have intricate borders, interspersed with jacquard and ghicha silk weaves. The whole nine-yards apart, we also suggest you take a look at their section of kaftans with khadi hand block and batik prints, in case you have been looking for comfortable nightwear that not only look gorgeous but will ensure breathable cuts to get through the humid weather conditions as well.

Available online.
Rs 2,500 onwards.