Zero waste label Adah By Leesha launches new dresses with fun prints and unisex shirts

Leesha Agarwal started her own label when she was only 22 years old and wanted to follow sustainable principles
Ikat Unisex Shirt and Cactus Dress from Adah By Leesha
Ikat Unisex Shirt and Cactus Dress from Adah By Leesha
Designer Leesha Agarwal tells us that after she finished studying fashion and started working with various multinational corporations, she quickly realised how much scrap fabric goes into landfills regularly.
That’s why the Mumbai-based founder started her own label when she was only 22 years old. She shares, “I wanted to do things differently and consciously, follow the tenets of upcycling and make sure I don’t contribute to landfills.” And that’s why the label was born.
Leesha Agarwal
Leesha Agarwal

Beyond seasons
She just released a new collection a few days ago that’s wearable to the hilt. Leesha tells us the name of the drop is Bummer Summer.

Curious to know why she would launch a collection that’s a nod to summer, when the season has almost passed us by, we asked her about it. “I know summer is gone! But I was waiting to release a new collection for the last two summers. However, given the pandemic, it did not feel right,” shares the designer, adding that she indeed aims for her collection to be timeless and not be bound
by seasons. However, keeping in mind that she and her team of artisans already worked on the idea and prints, she decided to release it anyway. “We work with a skilled group of artisans, developing prints and choosing colours. And for the current drop, we have worked on some experimental details as well,” says the graduate from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai.

Crab Dress
Crab Dress

Conscious classics
When we checked out the lookbook for the current collection, we found some outfits that could easily be worn as day dresses. Their Floral Tea Time Dress in pink, with a stylishly cut back is chic and easy to wear. Whereas the Yellow Crab Dress with pockets and an adorable knot in the front, crafted in handloom cotton is definitely the highlight. “I think the Crab Dress and Cactus Dress are classics. The prints are dainty and the outfits can be layered in many ways,” says the designer. We also recommend the unisex ikat and khadi shirts, which are breathable and come with different collar styles.

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Use every bit

The founder adheres to zero-waste norms with every collection and this one is no different. “All the bits and scraps after a garment is made come back to me, so I can use it later to make accessories with it,” elaborates Leesha, before signing off.

Rs 1,680 upwards.
Available online.

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