Cuin’s latest collection HIBIKI MOMO is a burst of joy with vivid colours and dynamic appeal

The edit thrives on trendy, eco-friendly and vibrant creations
HIBIKI MOMO trans-seasonal 22/23
HIBIKI MOMO trans-seasonal 22/23

Contemporary designer wear label Cuin is known to celebrate the idea of less is more. The label thrives on sustainability with ensembles that are long lasting, functional and bear an evergreen charm. The brand’s ethos of working on minimalistic fashion is portrayed in its ensembles that are simple in design yet exude a debonair look.

Recently, the label has come up with its new collection titled HIBIKI MOMO trans-seasonal 22/23 that thrives on trendy, eco-friendly and vibrant creations. Telling us about what inspired the collection, Shubhi Aggarwal the creative mind behind the label shares, “The purpose of the collection is to remind people that happiness can be found in the smallest things. In these uncertain times, it’s important to find joy and fun and that is the inspiration behind our colours and silhouettes.”

The collection has a plethora of outfits — from daytime linen shirts and mesh printed dresses to printed midis — all of which exude a playfulness and easy-breezy style. The fabrics used are trans-seasonal which means they can be worn throughout the year and are high on comfort. Moreover, a lot of the pieces are versatile and can be worn in multiple ways. The garments also come with snazzy pockets.The colour palette of the collection is a burst of joy with sky blue, cobalt blue, pink, orange and neon yellow bringing us plenty of cheer!

Taking us through the design process, Shubhi shares, “In our new collection you will find fresh combinations of fun and eclectic colours. We specialise in geometric prints and this season we wanted to offer florals through geometric and abstract prints. ”

The edit is sustainable as it is made of natural fabrics like pure linens, cottons and silk. Shubhi tells us, “The silhouettes presented through the collection are timeless, thereby increasing the shelf life of the outfit. We also aim to create at least 50% of our garments through zero waste pattern cutting so that there are no waste fabrics. Whatever fabric waste is created from the remaining 50%; we repurpose it to create garment bags, pouches, soft toys and masks.”

₹4,500 upwards. Available online.
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