Hyderabadi designer Sanjana Reddy’s latest fusion wear edit is a trendy play of pastels and breezy silhouettes

The collection captures the mystical enigma and beauty of moon.

Priyamvada Rana Published :  09th September 2022 03:34 PM   |   Published :   |  09th September 2022 03:34 PM
Chandresa  collection

Chandresa collection

The festive season has just begun. As we revel in celebrations, we’ve got all the reasons to dress to the nines! Amping up the festive fever with fusion wear, Hyderabadi designer Sanjana Reddy has come up with an edit titled Chandresa. The collection features graceful ensembles like coords, crop tops and dhotis, ruf fled saris, gowns and lehengas that manifest fluidity in fashion.

Sanjana has kept the outfits breezy. They’re made for a generation that’s fuss-free and spirited. Moreover, what further adds to the outfits’ richness is the soft pastel shades of salmon pink, rogue, cerulean blue, fawn, fern green and more. The designer has also adorned the collection with embroidery that makes it opulent but not gaudy. We talk to her to closely understand her festive mood board.

What does Chandresa mean? Tell us about your inspiration.
Chandresa means moon. For me, the moon exudes a delicate and elegant aura. That became my inspiration for the collection. At the same time, the moon also defines beauty that I have tried to showcase with exquisite craftsmanship visible in the ensembles.

How would you describe your choices for fabrics, embroidery and colours?
It took us over 10 days and the workmanship of 20 workers to finish the making of pieces like embroidered lehengas featured in the collection. For the colours, I preferred pastels as they emanate elegance. The fabrics used in the collection range from falling raw silk, and banarasi silk to organza. They were chosen as they are the finest among the silhouettes and can effortlessly elevate the intricate embroidery work that we have done with pearl, katdana sequence and thread work.

The collection features light fabrics. Do you think people have more likeability for delicate textiles now?
We can say, it’s not black and white. Around us, we can see two sections of audiences — one that prefers heavily embroidered pieces and the other one who have an inclination for prints and lighter fabrics. There is a demand for both.

What trends do you predict for the upcoming festive season?
I feel, Indo-western or fusion wear is going to rule the trend charts as it fancies the youth.

₹18,000 and upwards. Available at Jubilee Hills.
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