The Bindi Collection is a celebration of authenticity and strength

Prathaa’s iconic red bindi – a symbol of culture and tradition - evokes a sense of uniqueness and novelty
Prathaa Snigdha - Hues of Emotions collection
Prathaa Snigdha - Hues of Emotions collection

Prathaa has launched its much-awaited annual Signature Bindi collection, Snigdha - Hues of Emotions. The collection is a celebration of the finest cotton mul fabric, handblock printed by skilled artisans.

Pastel shades gracefully adorn the entire collection, making it a chosen serene canvas for self-expression. Each piece is beautifully designed with Prathaa’s iconic Red Bindi – a symbol of culture and tradition, yet evoking a sense of uniqueness and novelty.

Prathaa Snigdha - Hues of Emotions collection
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We talk to Sukanya Bhataacharya, founder, Prathaa, to get to know more about this latest drop.

What inspired the theme Snigdha—Unveiling the Hues of Emotions for this year’s Signature Bindi collection?

The inspiration stems from the profound beauty found in vulnerability. This collection celebrates the courage to embrace one's true self, highlighting the importance of inner beauty. We wanted to send a subtle yet powerful message through our collection — embracing and exposing our vulnerabilities is a strength not a weakness. Snigdha encourages being real and authentic, honouring the uniqueness of each individual and their journey.

Can you elaborate on the significance of using cotton mul fabric and handblock printing for this collection?

At Prathaa, we have a long history of reviving traditional weaves and arts, particularly working with hand-woven cotton. For this collection, we chose a premium quality of cotton mul fabric because it is incredibly soft and flowy, aligning with the gentle and fluid nature of women. The collection has been made in multi tones where the inner fabric is of different colour than the base fabric, symbolising the softness and vulnerability that many women often hide. Despite being delicate and susceptible to damage, the cotton mul represents the courage to wear one’s softness and vulnerability as a fashion statement. Additionally, we incorporated handblock printed bindis into the designs. Handblock printing is one of the traditional art forms we cherish, and the bindi motif adds a unique and bold statement, emphasising that being soft and real is also powerful.

Prathaa Snigdha - Hues of Emotions collection
Prathaa Snigdha - Hues of Emotions collection

The collection emphasises the celebration of authenticity and vulnerability. How do the designs and colour choices reflect these themes?

The Snigdha collection emphasises the celebration of authenticity and vulnerability through its thoughtful designs and colour choices. The designs feature fluid, unstructured silhouettes that symbolise the freedom and courage to be one’s true self. Soft, pastel tones and subtle hues dominate the palette, reflecting the raw and genuine nature of embracing inner beauty. Each piece is crafted to highlight simplicity and elegance, encouraging individuals to express their real and authentic selves with confidence. The handblock printed bindi adds a bold statement, emphasising that staying real and authentic is a strength. The delicate fabrics and intricate handwork reflect the beauty of embracing one's true self.

Prathaa Snigdha - Hues of Emotions collection
Prathaa Snigdha - Hues of Emotions collection
Prathaa Snigdha - Hues of Emotions collection
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What does the red bindi symbolise, and how is it integrated into the designs?

The red bindi is the strongest brand identity of Prathaa, symbolising strength, tradition, and authenticity. Each year, to celebrate our anniversary, we incorporate the red bindi into our designs using various traditional techniques. This includes different forms of weaves and art such as jamdani, hand embroidery, and hand block prints. The red bindi holds rich symbolism in our culture. The bindi is placed on the forehead at the ajna chakra, also known as the third eye, which is believed to be the center of wisdom, intuition, and spiritual enlightenment. The red colour symbolises energy and strength. It represents shakti, the feminine energy and power in the universe, symbolising strength and empowerment.

What kind of outfits feature in this collection?

The collection is a stunning blend of multi-tonal elegance and free-flowing designs. Each piece is meticulously detail-oriented, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship and attention to the finer elements. The garments feature graceful flares, adding a touch of fluidity and movement, perfect for those who appreciate both style and comfort. Embrace the artistry and sophistication of this collection, designed for the modern individual who values intricate details and effortless chic.

Price on request. Available online.

Prathaa Snigdha - Hues of Emotions collection
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