Quarantine lessons: Instagram influencers talk about beauty hacks and being body positive

Some of the Instagrammers have taken this period to learn to love themselves it’s body hair, bushy eyebrows et al and be more body positive!

Paulami Sen Published :  05th May 2020 06:23 PM   |   Published :   |  05th May 2020 06:23 PM

Meenakshi Pamnani

The period of quarantine has resulted in many beauty and fashion challenges - from cutting your bangs to wearing a pillow paired with nothing but a belt. However, some of the Instagrammers have taken this period to learn to love themselves it’s body hair, bushy eyebrows et al and be more body positive! Remember Kareena Kapoor Khan posting a picture with a zit? Also, it has indeed been a period of taking beauty matters into one’s own hands - from cutting your hair to doing your own eyebrows and facials! So we asked what some of the most well-known lifestyle influencers think about the trends and what their beauty learning was from the quarantine. First up we spoke to Meenakshi Pamnani, better known by the name of her handle, The Shimmer Girl, says she has learnt to be more accepting of herself during the lockdown. “I love to let my skin breathe and this period has made that happen,” admits Meenakshi. She revels in the fact that she has finally found time to oil her hair and advocates that everyone must do the same! She also recommends using face packs with gram flour, honey and turmeric. “Potatoes to remove tan, cucumbers to act as natural coolers to reduce puffiness, tomatoes to lighten blemishes and aloe vera that hydrates the skin.

Aria Krishnamurthi

Meanwhile, creative director and social media influencer who handles Style Me Aria — Aria Krishnamurthi, shares, “I cut my own fringe and didn't need a salon. I thread my eyebrows and upper lips but was never really too conscious about hair growth anyway.” She adds that although she misses being pampered at a salon, most of the things can be easily done at home. Aria further shares that she has been using homemade face packs and has also figured out how one can just shave their faces at home.

Bhavya Natasha

Initially, lifestyle writer Bhavya Natasha who helms the blog Curls on Toast confesses when salons were shut down she was upset about missing her salon visits but she adapted well. “I'm doing just fine, my eyebrows are thicker, my nails are better and my skin is doing great without all the facials. Lockdown has made me more appreciative of body hair.”

Divya Boppana

Social media influencer and Hyderabad-based model Divya Boppana too has discovered the goodness of natural products during the lockdown. “Now that I got a hold of what suits my skin, I’m gonna continue using them post lockdown down as well” Although Divya says she was tempted to cut her bangs she was afraid she would mess it up. "But all of us used to do it when we were kids, we’re doing it again," concludes Divya.