Nail the beige

The colour beige was always considered a dull and sober hue, restricted to sombre affairs

author_img Rachel Dammala Published :  19th April 2022 09:02 PM   |   Published :   |  19th April 2022 09:02 PM

Celebrity couple Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt (Photo| Instagram)

The colour beige was always considered a dull and sober hue, restricted to sombre affairs. But Bollywood couple Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor broke the stereotype by opting for beige ensembles for their wedding. Not only did they look classy and elegant, they also looked every bit fresh and chic, inspiring us all to try a new favourite. We ask city-based designer Asmita Marwa to show us how to get the look right.

Asmita says that beige is one of the most neutral and versatile colours to play with. “The colour is almost like a naked canvas, no matter whatever you pair it up with, you can’t go wrong. It is subtle yet makes an impact — it screams elegance from head to toe,” she says.

It’s easy to nail a simple yet classy look. “Set beige up with some antique gold or silver and your jewellery is sorted. You can also choose from jewellery with a hint of pastel shades. They complement the shade very well,” she shares.

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Keep make-up to the bare minimum, Asmita says. “While Alia has great skin, with a peach and cream complexion, a light pinkish nude lip colour worked well for her. For the general Indian skin tones, it is wise to keep the touch-up simple and shine bright with a red lipstick.”

What’s a bride without the prettiest flowers? While now is the time for some fresh jasmines, Asmita says baby’s breath flowers go well too. “Pale pink roses, beautiful lilies and flowers of such pastel shades make you look like a dream,” she adds.

The most important trick to keep in mind, when it comes to trying the beige look, is to ensure that nothing stands out or begs for attention. “Everything you wear or carry needs to complement the look, even when we’re talking dupattas, veils and embroidery,” she says.