This Lipstick Day, Hyderabad-based experts share the hows and whys of lip care and jazzing up a notch

Party on the lips
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Isn’t a good lipstick girls’ go-to makeup product? Beginner or expert, these little bullets or liquid of colour just make life much more vibrant. It helps you face whatever is to come — an important meeting, a date, or even a movie or girls’ night — with much more gusto.  What better occasion to talk about lip care and trends than Lipstick Day! We speak to big names from brands and dermatologists who share some important hacks for a healthier smile.

First, we bring you what’s trending: Now that the monsoons have arrived, and how, every makeup enthusiast is concerned about which lipstick to wear. Aashka Goradia Goble, co-founder, Renee Cosmetics, says, “The no-makeup makeup look, with nude lipstick, is a trend that is continuing to gain popularity. But beauty experts recommend that during the monsoons, brighter colours tend to mask stand out amidst the gloomy vibes the rains can tend to give off. However, it’s always better to wear your lipstick according to the mood and shun the rules. From classic bright reds, corals, hot pinks to nude shades, choose what you feel. You can also try using a lip-liner to make the lips appear fuller and help the lipstick last longer.” 

She adds that to prevent your lips from drying out and appearing cracked, always use a lip balm to keep the lips moisturised or a cream-based lipstick or simply a tinted lip balm. “Another hack is to always use a lip balm before applying liquid matte lipsticks as they tend to dry out the lips. And especially for this season, choose a lipstick that is long-lasting, waterproof and smudge-proof. So, this monsoon, don’t be shy to flaunt your favourite shades and make a statement.” 

Now for tips to care for your lips: Dr Shazia Fatima, a renowned cosmetic physician in the city, says, “When buying a lipstick, keep in mind that your lips have no oil or sweat gland, so anything you put on them is going to affect them. So look for lipsticks that have jojoba oil, shea butter or even hyaluronic acid that nourish and moisturise your lips. People who tend to have dry, chapped lips — stay away from matte lips, go for a creamy formula. Look also for brands that have a certain amount of SPF, or you can use an SPF-induced lip balm before you apply your lipstick.” 

She advises one to not fall for the trick of cheaper lipsticks because they usually tend to have lead in them, which is bad for your skin. “Read the fine print to understand the contents of your lipstick. Remember to apply a good thick layer of the moisturising balm on your lips, remove the excess, add another thin layer and then apply your lipstick.

If you’re using a hydrating or glossy lipstick and don’t want it to bleed, go for a lip liner. For the dry lips ladies, you can use a glossy lipstick for the colour and use a translucent powder over it to get that mattifying effect.” She adds that any product that you leave on your lips, if it’s not providing any nourishment, it’s actually blocking the air and any external moisture from the air. “It’s essential that you remove any lip makeup at the end of the day. You can use a good oil like olive oil to gently remove the product and apply a hydrating lip balm before you go to bed, sleeping with the product on damages the lips, dries it up, leaving an uneven tone.”

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