Hyderabad-based entrepreneur’s work of art — whipped cream soaps - have been selling like hot ‘cakes’

A soapy affair

author_img Shamma Kalodi Published :  23rd June 2022 03:32 PM   |   Published :   |  23rd June 2022 03:32 PM
For representational purposes

For representational purposes

A tempting delicious-looking cupcake sitting proudly at a wash basin might confuse you initially, but the trend of whipped cream soaps that have been popular in Hyderabad for a while now. For city-based self-made entrepreneur Sakshee, what started as ‘Skinmushh’ — a brand for whipped cream soaps, has become a fully established business with 60-plus products and is set to inspire a lot of women. Sakshee, an IIT computer science graduate, is currently in the US to scale her business up globally and understand customer behaviour. Her focus is on combining ayurvedic and modern skin care techniques.

Sakshee is perhaps one of the first people to introduce whipped cream soaps to Hyderabadis. She explains the process of making them to us: “The process is simple ☺— taking plant-based ingredients, homogenising them at suitable temperatures and then integrating with extracts to make a perfect blend of whipped soap.

The images of fancy-looking soaps attracted me a lot. I did my intensive research and realised how we could make it healthy and excellent for our skin, so we do a very effective formulation.” Sakshee also conducts workshops to teach the secret of making perfect soaps.

To those who wonder why you should invest in whipped cream soaps rather than ordinary soaps, Sakshee has the answer: “Whipped cream soaps are natural and offer great benefits to the skin. In comparison, normal soaps strip your skin off moisture.

Whipped soaps contain humectants like glycerine to keep your skin nourished and at the same time, it does the cleansing and foaming that normal soaps do.”

Sakshee makes a wide variety of whipped cream soaps based on fruit extracts and customises them according to her buyers’ needs. “While rose is the classiest flavour that most customers prefer, mango and coffee are other common favourites,” says she.