Sonam Kapoor raids mom’s closet, stuns in a mesmerising 35-year-old ghar chola

The vintage ensemble, boasting intricate patterns and a timeless elegance, fit Sonam like a dream
In frame: Sonam Kapoor
In frame: Sonam Kapoor

Bollywood fashionista Sonam Kapoor knows how to turn heads, and this time, it’s not with a brand-new designer outfit, but with a stunning piece straight out of her mom’s closet! Taking to Instagram, Sonam shared pictures of herself rocking a vibrant printed maroon ghar chola, a traditional Gujarati bridal attire, that belonged to her mother, Sunita Kapoor.

“Wearing my mom’s 35-year-old ghar chola,” Sonam declared, proudly captioning the pictures. “Thanks, mama for lending me this sari and blouse, love raiding your closet!” she gushed, adding a playful wink. The vintage ensemble, boasting intricate patterns and a timeless elegance, fit Sonam like a dream, accessorised with statement jewellery that completed the regal look.

But Sonam’s post wasn't just about fashion. “Do you know what a ghar chola is and the significance of it?” she asked, sparking curiosity and cultural exchange among her followers. Fans showered her with compliments, praising her for recycling a beautiful piece and promoting sustainability in fashion. “Kudos for showing that outfits can be repeated, even if decades old,” commented one user, echoing the sentiment of many.

This isn’t the first time Sonam has stunned in vintage apparel. From rocking her grandmother’s heirloom jewellery to sporting pre-owned designer pieces, she has consistently redefined fashion while advocating for conscious consumption. And with this latest move, she’s not only serving up major vintage vibes but also celebrating the sentimental value and cultural significance of traditional clothing passed down through generations.

Sonam’s fashion choices always spark conversations, and this time, she’s not just flaunting a gorgeous outfit; she’s encouraging a mindful approach to fashion and cherishing the stories woven into the clothes we wear. It’s a reminder that true style transcends trends and embraces the timeless beauty of inherited treasures.

As for what’s next for Sonam? Well, after making her post-maternity comeback with the film Blind, she has already signed on for two new projects, ensuring her journey in the spotlight continues, both on and off the runway!

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