Simply solitaire! Add some sparkle but keep it minimal

In a world where minimalism is the new normal, having simple jewellery often adds an extra oomph to your daily look
Simply solitaire! Add some sparkle but keep it minimal

Solitaires are great option if you love minimalism because solitaire jewellery not only has the essence of minimalism but also shines brighter by adding sophistication to all occasions. We list out five exquisite pairs of jewellery, each exuding its own unique charm while maintaining the essence of understated luxury.

Minimalist solitaire earrings by Kama Jewelry feature a single diamond in a precious metal. These uplift your everyday look and help you transition effortlessly from day to night. Solitaire stud earrings add versatility and are a timeless beauty. The simple design allows them to be paired with different earrings for a stacked earring look.

Price: Rs 70,499. Available online.

Simply solitaire! Add some sparkle but keep it minimal
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Minimalist pendant by Kama Jewelry offers a redefined touch to your minimalistic look. Not only does the pendant add glamour, it also gives a focal point to your neckline, drawing the eye with its captivating sparkle. The simplicity of the single stone pendant suspended from a delicate chain lends sophistication and royalty.

Price: Rs 79,199. Available online.

Dainty bracelets by Bluestone add a touch of charm to your wrist with their delicate design and solitaire stone. Its simplicity makes it a perfect pair for both casual and formal occasions. It adds a hint of sparkle to your wrist without overpowering your style.

Price: Rs 30,151. Available online.

Simply solitaire! Add some sparkle but keep it minimal
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Gleaming rings by Forevermark are a definition of modern-day elegance. Whether worn as an engagement ring, a promise ring, or simply as a chic accessory, this piece of jewellery is sure to make a statement.

Price: Rs 1,07,849. Available online.

Radiant adornment nose pins by Divine Solitaire lend a subtle but striking look to any occasion. You can wear it to a wedding or even wear it casually.

Price: Rs 70,164. Available online.


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