16 khichdi recipes that promise to lockdown boring lunches for good!

Serve with a generous dollop of ghee and enjoy
Cheese Hari Bhari Khichdi
Cheese Hari Bhari Khichdi

So you're working from home and have limited time to cook? These delightful innovations with the humble khichdi by Maharaj Jodharam Choudhary, Corporate Chef of Khandani Rajdhani in Chennai promise quick homemade lunches will never be dull again!

Bajri Khichdi

Roughly grounded bajri (daliya), milk, ghee.      

Remove the skin of bajri and broil with a little desi ghee.
Boil the above by adding a little salt in it.

Serve with milk as an accompaniment.

<em>Bajri masala khichdi</em>
Bajri masala khichdi

Bajri Masala Khichdi

Ghee, jeera, salt, clove, hing, turmeric, red chilli, kadi patta, slit green chilly,  
Sliced onions, sliced potatoes, sliced tomato, tej patta.

Boil bajri daliya & keep aside.
Boil potato & keep aside.
Add ghee inside the langri. After ghee gets heated add clove, jeera, onion, tej patta, hing for tempering. Add potatoes to the mixture.
Now add bajri daliya  and sliced tomatoes to the mixture.
After getting a perfect texture keep it aside.

Serve hot with curd and ghee.

Makkai Khichdi

Makai ka daliya, curd and ghee

Remove the corn kernels skin which floats on the water whilst boiling makai daliya.
Add salt to taste while boiling the mixture.
Keep the mixture aside after it gets boiled.

Serve hot with dahi as accompaniment.

Masala Khichdi
Makkai Daliya, Ghee, Lavang, Tej patta, Hing, Kadi Patta, Kanda chiriya, sliced tomatoes, green peas, Bataka Sliced, chopped chilli, Whole Dhaniya, Jeera.

Add ghee inside the langri. After ghee gets heated add clove, jeera, kadi patta & tej patta in it.
Add onion and garlic paste in it .
Add chopped chilli & let it get cooked for a while, and after that add green peas & bataka.
Finally add makkai daliya and keep it aside after it gets properly cooked.

Serve with curd.

Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudana, potatoes, sing pakka, cloves, jeera, chopped green chilly, curry leaves, mustard seeds

Firstl soak sabudana in water for 5 minutes and drain it later.
Cut the potatoes in small pieces and fry them.
Add ghee for tempering in the kadai and add cloves, jeera, mustard seeds, hing, green chilli & curry leaves.
Add potato and sabudana to it.
Remove after getting cooked.

Taste: Sour and slightly spiced.

Rajwadi Khichdi

Rice, potato chips, sliced onions, garlic paste, green peas, Green  chilly, jeera, clove, kadi taj patta, mustard seeds, sliced tomatoes, ghee, hing, turmeric, with dried fruit 

Soak rice in water for 10 min. Drain water afterwards.
Add ghee and oil for tempering and add jeera, mustard seeds, tej patta, garlic, onion, hing in it.
Add potatoes and let it fry. Later on add green peas, Dried fruit, Green chilli , to same mixture. Add rice and cook on a slow flame till done.

Serve hot with Rajasthani kadi.

Kathiyawadi Khichdi

Rice, green onion, garlic, beans, green peas, brinjal, tomato, kadipatta, sliced green chilly, red chilli, hing, kitchen king, garam masala, turmeric, mustard seeds, jeera.

Soak rice in water for 10 min. Drain water afterwards.
Add ghee and oil for tempering and add rice, jeera, hing, onion, garlic in it.
Add beans, green peas and brinjal to it.
Add laal mirch, haldi.
Add rice to the mixture after it gets cooked properly and further cook it on low flame.
(spicy in taste)

Serve with dahi.

Jodhpuri khichdi

Rice, Jodhpuri gatta, onions, garlic, brinjal, tomato, hing, green chilly, curry leaves, kitchen, King, turmeric, rai, jeera.

Soak rice in water for 10 min. Drain water afterewards.
Add ghee and oil in tempering and add rai and jeera
Add onion and garlic
Add brinjal.after it gets properly cooked add rice in it & let it cook on low flame.
Service:-Serve with Rajasthani kadi.

Gatta Khichdi

Rice, Gatta bolied, tej lacang, kadi patta, hing, jeera, rai, hari mirch chiriya, potato, garlic paste, onion, laal mirch, garam masala.

Firstly soak the rice in water for 5 min than drain it.
Add ghee and oil and then add jeera, rice & kadi patta.
Now add green chilli, bataka, onion & garlic and fry the mixture properly.
Add red chilli, turmeric & kitchen king.
Finally, add gatta and rice and cook it on low flame.

Serve with dahi.

Ram O Ram Khichdi

Rice, ravaiyan baingan, flower, watana, kanda chiriya, gatta, tej lavang, kadi patta, rai, jeera, bataka chips, hing, laal mirch, garam masala, ghee, oil, haldi.

Soak rice in water for 10 min. Drain water afterwards.
Add ghee and oil in tempering and add rai and jeera.
Add onion,tej patta, clove and kadi patta.
Cook onion till it becomes golden brown; afterwards add brinjal, vatana and bataka.
Fry the mixture for a short period and then add laal mirch, haldi & rice.
Add water three times in volume as compare to rice.
Add salt according to taste.
Let the rice cook properly on low flame.

Serve with Rajasthani kadi.

Kathol Khichdi

rice staff. Deshi chana, moong, chawla, green peas, moong dal chilka, hing, kadi patta, rai, jeera, onion fine chopped, little green chilli chopped, ginger, ghee.

Add ghee and oil in tempering and add tej & clove.
Add mustard seeds, hing, jeera & curry leaves.
Add onion, ginger & chilli & let it fry for a while.
Add the boiled kathol and soaked rice with moong dal and remove from flame after it is cooked.

Serve with milk.

Rajdhani Khichdi

Staff rice, moong bagar, hing, jeera, tej, lavang, kadi patta, ghee.

Apply ghee in cooker for tempering and add tej, lavang, jeera & hing.
Add Staff Rice & Bhagar dal in cooker and pressure cook it.

Serve it with ghee.

Ayurvedic Khichdi

Staff Rice, moong dal chilka, ajwain patta hara, pudina chopped, Tandiliya boiled, jeera, ajwain, til, hing, haldi, kadi patta, green onion, finely chopped chilli, desi ghee.

Firstly apply ghee in cooking pan and then add tej lavang, hing, jeera, and ajwain & kadi patta for tempering. 
Add green onion, chilli, pudina & tandiliya and let it fry for some time.
Finally add rice & moong dal chilka in equal quantity.

Serve with milk.

Palak khichdi

Staff rice & moong dal chilka (both in equal quantities), bataka, tamatar, garlic, onion, hing, haldi, green chilli finely chopped, jeera, desi ghee, oil.

Add ghee and oil in tempering and add jeera & hing.
Add bataka and onion and fry it.
Add garlic & palak after garlic is browned.
After it gets fried properly, add staff rice and moong dal chilka and cook it on low flame.

Serve with Gujarati kadi.

Taste: Slightly sweet and sour.

Achari khichdi

Jeera, rai, rice, mogar dal, ajwain, laal mirch, hing, kitchen king, tej, lavang, green peas, achar masala, chunda, amchur, red chilly.

Add ghee and oil for tempering and add rai, jeera, ajwain & hing. 
Add clove & green peas and let it fry for sometime.
Now add rice and mogar dal and cook it properly.
Add amchur & mango pickle masala & chunda. Cook it till it gets proper texture.

Serve with ghee.

Dry fruit Khichdi

Basmati rice, mogar dal, kadi patta, tej, lavang, hing, jeera, ghee, haldi, laal mirch, onion, kaju, sing, kismis, garam masala, kitchen king.

Add ghee and oil for tempering and add rai, jeera, tej, lavang, hing, haldi, laal mirch, kadi.

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