This restaurant in Whitefield with Goa vibes has a new menu

Some best sellers include Stuffed Chicken Cheese and Prawns, Peri Peri Sizzlers, Eggplant Parmesan and Thai Curry. Also, the Kutchi Memon Biryani is worth trying, which is available on order.  
In frame: A section of The Fat Chef restaurant
In frame: A section of The Fat Chef restaurant

When Matheen Sait and Vandana Narula started The Fat Chef, they wanted to create a space that served excellent food along with the perfect ambience. So, it was a nobrainer when we got to know the restaurant is situated in Varthur Road in Whitefield, away from the hustle bustle of the city. Why did we visit the place, you ask? A new menu is the simple answer. But once we reached the location, we found that a new menu shouldn’ t be the only reason why people should visit The Fat Chef. Let’s start with the location. Even though the restaurant is situated on an unpaved lane just off Varthur Road, its remoteness adds to its vibe.You will never expect to find a beautiful restaurant in literally the ‘middle of nowhere.’ The wooden chairs and tables along with the small lights provide an ambience that’s reminiscent of a beach-side café in Goa. The only thing missing was the sound of the waves.

<em>Pepper Crusted Beef</em>
Pepper Crusted Beef

But we were soon brought back to reality when a couple of Orange Sangrias arrived at our table. Quite simple but very refreshing. A perfect start to our dinner. As we were halfway done with the sangria, we were introduced to two starters — Shami Kebab and Prawn Tempura. Starting with the kebab, the minced lamb cutlets were pan fried and served with a delicious mint chutney. With the taste on point, we loved that the cutlets that didn’t crumble. The prawn on the other hand while cooked well, lacked the bite we expect from this seafood delight. The soy sauce dip that it was paired with, however, was absolutely on point.

<em>Hummus and Pita Platter</em>
Hummus and Pita Platter

Next up, we tried the Spicy Tenderloin Strips. We should have been given a heads up when we ordered it — but thanks to the Classic Sangria that arrived at our table a couple of minutes before — we could handle the spice. We then shifted our attention to the big plates and ordered the Peppercorn Crusted Beef Steak. Cooked to medium rare — just how we like it — the steak was juicy. The pepper sauce, was however, absolutely unnecessary and just existed there on the plate like an unwanted afterthought. We finished our dinner with the much sought-after New York Cheesecake. A happy ending, indeed.

Meal for two: INR 1,100 onwards. At Varthur Road, Whitefield. 

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