Chennai's home chef Amrita Goenka offers a delicious menu of gourmet vegetarian delights

Amrita Goenka offers a gourmet takeaway menu in Chennai. Expect exquisite and original vegetarian dishes

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Dishes from Amrita Goenka's Chop Chop

Dishes from Amrita Goenka's Chop Chop

There’s something about good-looking food that satiates some visual hunger in a gourmand’s heart. The Strawberry Burrata Panzanella Salad, is a box of evenly cubed fresh strawberries nestling between a foliage of rocket leaves and basil with pecans thrown into the mix, can definitely push that button. And once the burrata is placed in the centre and doused with honey balsamic dressing, we assure you that the gourmand’s palate will be singing too. A meal from Chop Chop by Amrita is all about drama, flavour and fresh ingredients.

Amrita Goenka from Chop Chop in Chennai, restaurant, veg food, restaurants near me

Lezzet to me now

Amrita Goenka from Chop Chop in Chennai, restaurant , veg food, restaurants near me
Amrita Goenka

Amrita Goenka, the self-taught chef who started the brand two years ago, tells us it all started with her cooking delicacies for her husband who is a foodie. “One of the key reasons for my success is the ingredients I use. Vegetables and fruits are freshly sourced every day. Spices are authentic and mostly imported,” says the home chef. The Pistachio and Cranberry Lezzet has a flavoured cream cheese log that is smothered in coarsely chopped pistachios and cranberries, popular ingredients of Moroccan and Persian cuisines. Slices of this delicious block pair well with fresh figs, grapes, pecans and a variety of crackers and baguette slices made in-house.

For plating pleasure

Amrita’s dishes are platters of prettiness that are packed with flavour and plated with care. “Before the pandemic, I packed my food in glass bowls and wooden platters that my clients would return to me later. You just had to open and serve at the table — as I love plating food aesthetically, I take great joy in the details of arranging the dishes. Now, I have opted for disposable packaging.”

Amrita Goenka from Chop Chop in Chennai, restaurant , veg food, restaurants near me, Soba Noodles

The box of Soba Noodles is dotted with colourful veggies including beans of edamame and is perfectly drenched in a soy based dressing. And do note while each portion is designed for up to six people, the portions look more generous than that. Those hesitant about wasabi must try the Wasabi Dip on her menu — it has a box of cream cheese laced with the condiment. However, this is a tame version of the potent paste and is easy on the taste buds with crackers as accompaniment. With an extensive menu that covers Asian, Mediterranean and Mexican cuisines, we are smitten by the Asian Rice Parcel. 

Wrapped in a banana leaf, it has instructions for heating it in an oven before serving. As you unwrap and scoop up a spoonful of the long-grained rice baked in a curry akin to the Thai red — you will understand that Amrita’s dishes are tried and tested and the taste notes are spot on!

Spring a surprise

Amrita Goenka from Chop Chop in Chennai, restaurant , veg food, restaurants near me, Paneer Paturi

Another banana leaf-wrapped delicacy is the Paneer Paturi, which needs to be gently roasted on a tawa before serving. This one has our approval with the paneer squares coated with fresh desiccated coconut and some sharp mustard. However, for ingenuity we give full marks to the Deconstructed Spring Roll. Though, the accompanying crispies are deep-fried squares of spring roll pastry sheet, the connection to the nomenclature stops right there. Dip into the bowl of cream cheese topped with chopped raw veggies, fried noodles and crunchy water chestnuts for a bite of delightful freshness. An amalgamation of flavours, this is a delicious instance of an ‘original Amrita’. Next in the pipeline, look out for her sushi flavoured fried rice! Orders can be placed on Instagram: @chopchop_byamrita

A single portion can serve up to six people, at INR 1,250 onward