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The Bombay Brasserie has reinvented its tasting menu and Indulge was there to check it out

Ranojoy Mukerji Published :  07th December 2023 04:33 PM   |   Published :   |  07th December 2023 04:33 PM
Kashmiri naan kebab

Kashmiri naan kebab

The intriguingly named Bombay Brasserie is owneded by Charcoal Concepts, founded by the K Hospitailty Corp.  I was invited by the restaurant located at College Road, wherein they have launched a new tasting menu.

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The internal atmosphere at the restaurant is quite hip and cool. Large, airy spaces give you an open feeling and a covered balcony gives you a nice view of the road. My main purpose of coming here however was the food, so let’s dig in! We started off with Aam Papad Paneer. This dish was basically soft pieces of cottage cheese tossed with some sundried mango and other street food spices. The paneer was soft, and the sweet and sour taste of aam papad gave a very interesting twist to the taste of cottage cheese, which is otherwise bland.

I was contemplating what to try next, so one of the servers, Rajesh prompted me to try the Rajputana  Murg Soola kebab, a signature dish of Bombay Brasserie. This was a standout dish for me. Soft, succulent pieces of chickenroasted to perfection and rubbed with a variety of spices, tasted heavenly on the tongue. Slightly charred at the edges to give it a bit of a crunch, this dish has actually elevated the humble chicken from being a tasteless meat to something full of flavour. Next up was the Kashmiri  Naan kebab, a minced mutton seekh with strong flavours of onion, garlic, herbs and other spices. Liberally sprinkled with kewra, this kebab was served on a bed of saffron brushed naan. Accompanied by a creamy yoghurt dip, the Kashmiri Naan kebab was melt in the mouth with a proper flavour of the meat hitting your palate, unlike many places which simply smother the taste of the meat with spices.

At this point, since my stomach was filling up fast, decided to move to the main course, in this case Punjabi cooker chicken. The chicken here is marinated in yogurt and ground spices for a few hours and then cooked with onion and tomato along with a cashew nut gravy and in-house Punjabi garam masala. The end result is a delicious, spicy chicken dish that in spite of all the spices, manages to be delicately flavoured. Quite the treat. I had this with Amritsari Aloo Kulcha, a bread made with flour and filled with a slightly spiced potato mash and lots of butter. I felt that the kulcha could have been baked a little more.

Chef Ashok Kumar

Time for dessert, and I decided to go for an old favourite, the Anglo-Indian bread pudding. This also tasted very good and is served with custard sauce. Here again I felt it was a little too gooey and could have been set a little more. The taste profile however was quite good.

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The new tasting menu at Bombay Brasserie is quite extensive and you can choose around eight dishes per person along with two mocktails. It is quite the spread and Chef Ashok Kumar has done a tremendous job here.If soul satisfying North Indian food is what you are craving for, do make a trip to Bombay Brasserie. They also have an extensive bar menu and their cocktails I am told are worth dying for; but that my friends is another story which we shall try and tell later!

Cost for two: Rs. 1,800/- ++

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