Turning up the heat: Louis Burger dials up the spice meter with the addition of a new range of spicy burgers, fries and fried chicken to its menu

Louis Burger recently introduced a Nashville-inspired Flaming Hot range of drool-worthy burgers, fries, wings and more...
Loius Burgers' Flaming Hot range
Loius Burgers' Flaming Hot range

Popular gourmet burger brand, Louis Burger, has just added another reason to relish its wide variety of burgers. The addition of its Flaming Hot Edition burgers to its existing drool-worthy menu ensures the authentic taste that one would derive from the original cooking style of Nashville, USA. Chennai is among the many cities where Louis Burger has introduced this edition and so we couldn’t resist ordering the flavourful, and saucy burgers

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On offer is the Flaming Hot Cottage Cheese Burger, a perfect option for vegetarian gourmands, with a scrumptious and crunchy patty made from fresh cottage cheese drenched in hot sauce, a signature element in this menu. Under the non-vegetarian options, the Flaming Hot Chicken Burger, Flaming Hot Fries, and Flaming Hot Chicken, and Chicken Tenders easily stand out. All the fried chicken under this edition promises extremely crunchy outer layers, which upon conquering, would lead us to the juicy bites of the soft chicken underneath.

The Flaming Hot Chicken Burger gives us a heavenly mix of that signature hot sauce and mayonnaise yet again. Paired with this, the fries under this range dipped in a truffle mayo sauce produce a perfect creamy yet spicy combination of piquancy on our taste buds. We occasionally dip our burgers in this sauce as well, to really up the ante on flavour. Between the Flaming Hot Chicken Wings and Chicken Tenders, the latter works better for us with the flavours of the sauces and spices seeping into those plump chicken pieces.

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Although we didn’t get to experience a beverage to wash down our burgers with, we can assure you that a glass of any soda of your preference would work perfectly well to help your taste buds reminisce about the spicy journey that you were just on. The Flaming Hot Edition is a highlight among some of the fiery options available around town and we can assure you that authentic Nashville flavours are quite the unique shift from the signature flavours of Louis Burger that you might be familiar with. 

Flaming Hot Range  335 onwards
Standard menu 
215 onwards
Available online.

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