Experience unique seafood delights at this food festival in Chennai

This food festival at a star hotel in the city brings out the diversity of flavours that come with seafood
In frame: Delectable spread
In frame: Delectable spread

People who love seafood are always looking for something new with intriguing flavours to pique their interest. And we belong to that tribe. So when we got invited to the Madras Kitchen Company at The Westin Chennai Velachery, to savour the delicacies at their latest food festival, Catch of the Day, we couldn’t let go of the opportunity. Adhering to the theme, the chefs, we were told, head to the fish market in the wee hours of the morning for a fresh catch. The highlight here is that they bring different types of seafood to the table every day to satisfy every seafood aficionado’s palate. The daily catch then adorns the table in the form of myriad delectable dishes.

In frame: Delectable spread
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Our catch of the day was sea bass. We began our dinner with Nimbu kaali mirch tikka, which was a delightful combination of fish, lemon, garlic, and pepper, all cooked in tandoor. Like any tandoori dish, this was also served with a bowl of mint chutney. The flavours blended well, and the tender and juicy dish melted in our mouths.

The next dish of the evening was the classic Meen varuval. Crispy on the outside, it reminded us of our home-cooked fish fries. However, the distinctive taste of the masalas, chillies, and fennel seeds makes this seafood dish, stand out from the regular fish fries. In terms of the spice level, we would call it moderate.

As we veered toward the main course, we were first served the Steamed fish. Fitness enthusiasts, this one is right up your alley. Cooked with zero percent oil, this eye-catching delicacy was loaded with vegetables and made for a wholesome meal in itself. The dish had the perfect blend of seasoning, with the tanginess of the lemon augmenting the fish’s flavour. We quite liked the soya sauce-lemon broth as well, which upped the flavour and enhanced the dining experience. We highly recommend this dish.

The last item on the menu was the Sri Lankan fish curry, which came with a bowl of rice and the Lankan speciality, sambal. The chef pointed out that the curry is a blend of recipes. According to the chef, the curry was a combination of coconut, masalas, bay leaves, among other ingredients. We relished this fish curry rice combo.

Altogether, the Catch of the Day fest was quite a heartwarming one. The highlight of the fest is that one can pick their course, be it two or four. With a good portion size, it is fulfilling nevertheless.

In frame: Delectable spread
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From July 8 to 14. Available for both lunch and dinner. Meal for one starts at INR 1,199.

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