Layers by The Table delivers ice cream jars with unexpected flavours like Lemon Pie and Filter Coffee Biscuit Crumble

And they are delicious!

Sonali Shenoy Published :  13th August 2021 07:00 AM   |   Published :   |  13th August 2021 07:00 AM

Vegan coconut ash cookie

A party in your mouth. That’s what you get with Shriram Rajendran’s newest ice cream segment ‘Layers’ under The Table umbrella. Launched just last week with eight flavours — we discover that this concept is entirely different from his already existing ice cream division that was introducted late last year. And we don’t just mean by way of a flavour list. Instead, expect unusual flavour combinations (all entirely eggless) like Filter Coffee meets Parle G, and an assortment of textures at play from cone wedges to crumbled cookies to gooey chocolate fudge. 


Black raspberry vanilla


Play of textures
“I wanted to create something that hasn’t been done before,” 32-year-old Shriram tells us, shortly after we get to dive into his desserts and taste for ourselves. And by golly, mission accomplished. His Caramelised White Chocolate Fudge, which has the most complex layering and is the biggest crowd pleaser this far, packs in seven layers from base to top — including decadent caramelised white chocolate ice cream, caramel cookies, hot fudge sauce and chocolate chunks for a chewy surprise.  


Belgian chocolate cherry

Coconuts & lime
Apart from the elaborate prep for each element, ensuring cookies retain their crunch and do not turn soggy and preventing sauces from hardening while in the freezer was a challenge. So innovative steps needed to be figured out along the way. “In our Vanilla Fudge Cookie, for instance, the cone wedges dipped in chocolate at the base are first doused in cocoa butter, so as to retain their crunch.” The latter, is inspired by that much-loved Cornetto chocolate tip from our childhoods, that over time, became an aspirational part of the experience. We also quite enjoy the Coconut Ash Cookie ice cream (a vegan option) paired with hot fudge sauce and crushed black cookie sponge. Although, the chocolate might be a touch overpowering for those mild coconutty notes. Belgian Chocolate Cherry (a marriage of ice cream and sorbet) and the Black Raspberry Vanilla (which swaps the expected raspberry compote for raspberry ice cream) also had us reaching for seconds. But our personal favourite is the Lemon Pie. Between layers of tart lemon curd, lemon curd ice cream, a lemon zest cookie and even a slushie-like lemon granita on top — this is an all-round citrus jamboree. Jammy raspberry compote running through the middle gives us much needed contrast from all of that intense lemon-y goodness.  

Best had at -13 degrees C. Wait for five minutes once you pop one of these bottles out of the freezer and then eat. INR 299 for 180 ml. Order online or at The Table stores.