Newly launched BOTTL'D & PREPP'D is delivering meal kits for restaurant-style food at home

Started by Sanjay Bathla and his children - Yash and Shwetha Bathla - it took shape when patrons started texting that they miss the food and cocktails at Over The Moon.

Paulami Sen Published :  26th August 2020 01:35 PM   |   Published :   |  26th August 2020 01:35 PM

Ravioli in the making

Sipping on a glass of your favourite cocktail while you help yourself to an appetiser, seems like a luxury in the post-pandemic era. However, with a wee bit of effort, you can throw yourself a small party indoors and even host a date night as the recently launched BOTTL'D & PREPP'D by Over The Moon is delivering the mise en place - neatly packed pre-dressed and organised short-eats and main course - along with cocktail pre-mixes at home. Started by Sanjay Bathla and his children - Yash and Shwetha Bathla - it took shape when patrons started texting that they miss the food and cocktails at Over The Moon. “It took us a couple of months to figure out how we wanted to go about it and also to ensure that the packaging could be easily sanitised and discarded keeping the safety in mind,” says Shwetha. 

What's cookin'?

We find out that these easy-to-cook DIY meal kits are neatly labelled to avoid confusion and can be easy for even those who don’t enjoy cooking. When we ask them about the time it took, Shwetha shares that they spent more than a month with an expert mixologist, Raj Viju, and their in-house chefs to get the meal kits and cocktail mix right. The condiments and the ingredients are readied in such a way that you can be assured of restaurant-style taste.

Pad Thai

We suggest that you check out their Pad Thai Meal Kit, for instance. It comprises chopped vegetables, Thai paste, noodles, and crushed peanuts that you have to spend only a few minutes heating, stirring and getting it ready. “Our patrons can heat it in the pans by following a set of simple instructions. Their instruction cards also contain a QR code that directs them to a step-by-step video to make the process easier,” says Shwetha. That apart there are tips from their chefs to enhance the taste of the dishes. They do offer are a wide range of options such as Burmese Parcels and Crispy Lotus Stems to bestselling options like dim sums, ravioli and pizzas. 

Cocktail mixes

If you want to pair your appetisers with a cocktail, you can opt for one of their BOTTL'D cocktail mixes. If drinks with earthy notes are your go-to, you might want to choose their Earthshine mix which offers notes of saffron and ginger balanced with fruit extracts and can be stirred up with whiskey, vodka or even tequila if you have that at home. It could be easily paired with their Pad Thai and dim sums.  

Burmese Parcel in making 

We suggest you try the non-vegetarian variation of Kothu Parotta with Malabar Paratha, comprising special masala mix and spice blend with marinated chicken and topped with gravy and coconut milk powder. Wash it down with a cocktail made with the Citrus Breakfast Spread is ideal -with homemade orange marmalade and saffron-ginger jam, paired with a Liquor of your choice. The sweetness of the drink complements the spicy Malabar Paratha well. One can mix 90 ml of the mixer with 60 ml of their spirit of choice and shake along with ice. “We do not use any preservatives or sugar in our mixes,” says Shwetha before signing off. 


Meal kit starts at ₹250 and they are delivering across Hyderabad.